29 Apr 2018 – 8:33

QC delegation visits Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

The Peninsula

DOHA: A delegation from Qatar Charity visited the Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh and a number of orphanages and schools sponsored by the charity in different parts of the country to provide relief aid and organize many activities.

The visit aims at alleviating the suffering of orphans and refugees and bringing pleasure to them by implementing a number of relief aid programs and organizing many recreational and livelihood activities.

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The delegation headed by QC’s Public Relations manager Adel Lamy, accompanied by QC’s relief coordinator, Alaa Abu Bakr, included Sheikha Al Meer, Asma Al Ansari, Aisha Al Masifri, Reem Arhama Al Kaabi, Asma Al Hammadi, Nadine Al Bitar, Aseel Ahmed Mohammed Diab and Suad Muangwa.

During the visit, the delegation met the orphans and Rohingya refugees and came to know well about their situations, their living and psychological conditions and their humanitarian needs.

The delegation also contributed to distributing relief items to the refugees, preparing food for them and for orphaned girls, and organizing several recreational activities to entertain orphans in addition to gifts and clothes provided to the refugee children and orphaned girls.

Adel Lamy expressed his deep thanks to the staff of the Qatari Embassy in Bangladesh for receiving the delegation and providing the necessary facilities. Also, he thanked all the members of the delegation who contributed to providing the aid and making the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster known through social networks and media platforms, noting that the visit had a good impact on orphans and refugee children and brought pleasure to them.

The delegation visited QC’s center for orphaned girls in the city of Meherob (85 km away from Dhaka), and the orphanage in Cox’s Bazar  (450 kilometers away from the capital). During the visit to refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, the delegation contributed to the implementation of the relief programs including the distribution of dry food baskets containing food items such as rice, onions, potatoes, lentils, salt, sugar, oil and milk as well as hygiene materials.

The women members of the delegation took part in the preparation of food including food, meat, rice and vegetables to feed about 5000 refugees for two days.