Report Claims Success Treating Alzheimer’s Memory Loss

But experts won’t embrace this 36-point program of lifestyle changes and supplements without more research.

A researcher is reporting success in a small study of reversing memory problems associated with early stage Alzheimer’s disease by using a complex program of lifestyle changes, supplements and hormones.

Of the first 10 patients treated, nine reported improvements in memory within three to six months, according to Dr. Dale Bredesen, a professor of neurology at the University of California, Los Angeles, who developed the program.
The full regimen involves 36 components, and is tailored to the individual, Bredesen said. In general, it involves diet changes such as eliminating simple carbohydrates and processed foods; regular exercise; stress reduction; good sleep habits; supplements like fish oil, curcumin and vitamin D; and, in some cases, hormone therapy.
Writing in the September issue of the journal Aging, Bredesen describes the cases of 10 patients undergoing the therapy — half of whom were diagnosed with mild mental (cognitive) impairment or early-stage Alzheimer’s.

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