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Many prominent American officials and personalities and members of the US Senate in the US Congress, a number of businessmen and civil work officials in various American provinces, and a number of US city councils and institutions officials have praised the important and vital role of the State of Qatar that continues throughout the year 2020 within the framework of important assistance converging. With its great global role in combating the Coronavirus Covid-19, and based on the special and distinctive relationship between Doha and Washington in various fields, which continues to become stronger during the difficult times that America and the world are going through, which is what a number of American institutions and cities have valued greatly They expressed their gratitude to the friendly State of Qatar for its generous assistance and positive stances.
strong relationship
His Excellency explained that Qatar made a donation of one hundred thousand dollars to Charleston County, South Carolina, to support the local response to the Coronavirus epidemic, based on the foundations of the strong relationship between Doha and Charleston against the backdrop of an international partnership agreement between the two cities signed in October of last year. To deepen cooperation between the two cities in the fields of trade, investment and culture, and this donation was distributed equally between the county of Charleston and the city of Charleston through the Charleston International Committee for Twinning Cities that developed this partnership.
Shared values
Jim Risch, a senator from Idaho, said: “The Qatari-American relations are characterized by shared values ​​and strong bilateral cooperation, whether in the security or economic sphere,” explaining, “This matter becomes especially true today, where the United States operates. And Qatar together to tackle the spread of this global epidemic. ” The US Senator from the Republican Party pointed out that: “In testimony to the strength of our partnership, the government of Qatar has announced a generous donation to help support the people of Idaho, especially the state students who have been affected by the consequences of the new Corona virus, Covid-19, stressing that this A donation from Qatar will play a vital role in helping our students and professors to stay in touch while they pursue distance learning from home, affirming that it sends on behalf of the people of Idaho a message of gratitude to the Qatari people. “
Thank you, Qatar
Rod Grammer, president and CEO of the Idaho Businessmen Association for Education, said in statements to Al Sharq: “He wants to thank the State of Qatar for its generous donation to the Idaho Nationwide Student Emergency Fund, adding that when the Coronavirus forced Idaho to close its schools, it was left out. Thousands of students are at home without computers or even internet service, and without these tools it is very difficult for these students to continue their education, and he said that thanks to the donation made by the State of Qatar, the emergency fund will be able to provide the basic learning tools that our students need.And the State of Qatar had announced, earlier in 2020, that it had made a donation of one hundred thousand dollars that would be used within the framework of the initiative launched by the Idaho Businessmen Association for Education to help students continue their education during the school closure due to the Corona epidemic, and the Idaho businessmen gathering For education has announced earlier a statewide initiative under the title of the Community Activation Project to help students continue their education during the school closures period in Idaho. This project aims to facilitate online learning for all Idaho students by securing computers to thousands of students who They do not own it and deliver Internet service to students who do not have this service in their homes.
Gratitude and appreciation
The Mayor of Charleston expressed his gratitude for the important role of Qatar, saying that Doha is always keen to transfer pioneering experiences to American cities, as the city of Charleston is one of the most prominent cities that has provided a distinctive travel and tourism experience and is always open to visitors, and that is what Doha is keen on also that takes great steps as a city A global tourist, and Qatar has expressed that it highly appreciates the joint bilateral partnership with Charleston and makes this donation to help Charleston face the challenges posed by the Coronavirus. “We are grateful for the twinning relationship between our city and Doha, Charleston, and for this generous donation to assist us in our efforts to respond to the Coronavirus,” said John Teaklinburg, Mayor of Charleston. “We are looking forward to a time when we can continue to strengthen exchanges to strengthen the relationship between our two cities. In the same context, Elliot Sumi, a member of the Charleston County Board of Directors and a member of the Joint International Committee between Doha and Charleston, said in statements to Al Sharq, speaking about the International Twinning Agreement: “He wants to thank the city of Doha and the Qatari people and that we are facing a global epidemic and this shows how global societies To work together for the common good. ” For her part, Nita Wise, President of the International Committee for Twinning Cities in Charleston, thanked the State of Qatar for this donation, saying in statements to Al Sharq: “The boycott was in dire need of all forms of support to upgrade the medical infrastructure and provide the necessary resources to combat the Coronavirus, which she found. The State of Qatar and the Qatari people made a generous and generous donation, and called for a reception when circumstances permit, in honor of the State of Qatar for this generous gesture that stems from the foundations of the partnership established by the Twin Cities Agreement between Doha and Charleston.