After a lot of news about cases has been airing in the past week, another was reported recently, but this time, it was almost caught in the act. A taxi driver was arrested for an attempted [email protected] of a Grade 5 girl student  in a remote vacant lot, in a subdivision in Barangay Muntindilaw, Antipolo. According to the police report, the taxi is driven by a certain Harry Soriano. He was driving in Barangay Mayamot in Antipolo as well and happen to pass by the victim who was on her way home.

He then pretended to ask the victim for direction but later on, he forced her to get inside the cab. He even promised the girl to drive her home after selling dried fish in the hi-way. Fortunately, the police and baranggay officials are patroling the said part of the subdivision. They said that it was unusual for a cab to be parked in that part of the street so they went to check it. This is where they found the little girl in one corner of the car, without any undergarment.

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The police acted quickly and arrested Soriano. However, when they reached the station, the suspect refused to give his fingerprint and have mugshots, claiming that he didn’t do anything to the girl. It was confirmed though, in the medico-legal of the victim that no [email protected] has occurred.

Still, Soriano faces cases againsts him including attempted and child abuse.