Taxi services in some of the newly developed residential areas in and around Doha are scarce and residents are complaining that it is often very difficult to get a taxi on time, particularly during peak hours.

Cab drivers are reportedly avoiding going into these localities, thereby forcing the residents to opt for costlier alternatives such as ‘limousines’.

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With the entry of many new taxi operators in Doha in addition to Karwa, the situation has improved, however, people residing in areas such as Rawda and Ain Khaled etc. state that there is a lot of room of improvement and the situation far from what it should be.

Due to the increase in the number of unmarried workers living in these areas, the demand for taxi services has increased substantially in the recent times. Residents feel the problem can be rectified if dedicated taxi stands are set up in the area.

A resident complained that despite many embassies and institutions relocating to the area in the recent months, the availability of taxis continues to remain scarce. People visiting the nearest Health Centre shared similar complaints.

Residents feels that due to the strategic location of Rawda it can provide easy access to Barwa Village and the Hamad International Airport, the taxi services in Rawda must be more robust in order to allow people to take advantage of Rawda’s convenient location.

Commenting on the lack of taxi services in Rawda area, a spokesperson from Karwa said that the availability of taxis in each area is directly related to the demand from that area and urged customers to make use of Karwa’s official use to avail the taxi services in a convenient manner.