His Highness during the opening session of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership

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Qatar has never been far or separate from its Arab, regional and international surroundings, as it was and still is a forerunner in extending a helping hand, support and assistance to brotherly and friendly countries and their peoples. The speech of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, came at the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, today. To reaffirm Qatar’s full support for brotherly Iraq in order to establish its security and stability.

The speech of His Highness the Emir of the country came at a very important time, as brotherly Iraq stands on the brink of the stage of reconstruction and initiation of development, and it needs all support and assistance to return to its Arab and international surroundings, and to enhance its role in combating terrorism and extremism, as well as participating in the task of addressing crises. that plague the area.

** A focused roadmap to strengthen Iraq

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During his speech before his brothers, Their Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses, the leaders of countries and heads of government of brotherly and friendly countries in the opening session, His Highness stressed that our region is going through well-known challenges and crises, and some hotbeds of tension in it pose a threat not only to the peoples of the region but also to international peace and security, which calls for Addressing the roots of the issues that led to the emergence of these successive crises.

His Highness stressed that the unity of Iraq as a nation and people, and the strengthening of the legitimate state institutions, including the unity of legitimate arms under the sovereignty of the state, are among the most important steps in this direction.

In this regard, His Highness laid down a focused roadmap based on strengthening internal security as a starting point for any process aimed at rebuilding and achieving development, and then activating the external role. His Highness stressed that strengthening Iraq begins with strengthening its unity completely and supporting its legitimate institutions, including the unity of arms. This is a very vital and sensitive issue, especially since the brothers in Iraq aspire that the upcoming parliamentary elections will be a starting point for achieving a cohesive and cohesive fabric, and then moving forward more and more towards strengthening relations and restoring their regional and international momentum.

There is no doubt that Qatar, with its historical weight and roles, is fully qualified to mobilize Gulf and international support that would help Iraq overcome the elections stage, rebuild steadily, and enter the stage of true development.

** Qatar’s vision of Iraq’s position

His Highness the Emir was keen to broadcast messages of moral and political support directly to brotherly Iraq, as he stressed in his speech that the State of Qatar believes that Iraq is qualified to play an active role in establishing security and peace in the region, stressing Qatar’s keenness to support it to restore its role and status it deserves at the regional levels. We also believe that the security and stability of Iraq is part of the security and stability of the rest of the countries in the region.

His Highness was also keen to emphasize that Qatar feels what the brotherly Iraqi people aspire to, who has suffered during the past years. His Highness said, “We will continue to support the brotherly Iraqi people and support them in achieving their aspirations for peace, security and development.”

** Human and Natural Resources

His Highness completes the foundations of the road map, stressing the need to exploit all the resources that will make a difference in the lives of Iraqis. His Highness affirms that “Iraq is a country rich in its human and natural resources, but what it has gone through in terms of wars, terrorism and many other pests, social and political This prevented him from investing his true capabilities. This is definitely a temporary situation, as we are confident that Iraq will rediscover the sources of its strength, the most important of which is the Iraqi man who belongs to his homeland and his people.”

** mobilize support

The complete elimination of terrorism requires a comprehensive confrontation of the conditions and environment incubating it, drying up its sources, and then starting to rebuild what was destroyed by the machine of extremism, and this of course requires mobilizing all the efforts of neighboring countries and regional and international support. The country, to be able to complete the rebuilding of civil and military institutions to achieve security, stability and the desired development of the brotherly Iraqi people after long suffering.

** Ongoing country support

Emphasizing the steadfast Qatari support for the brothers in Iraq, was the most prominent point of His Highness’ speech at the conference, where he said that the State of Qatar will spare no effort to stand by brotherly Iraq and provide support to the Iraqi brothers, and support them in their efforts to achieve a comprehensive renaissance in their country, hoping that this conference will contribute to Achieving a regional environment supportive of these desired goals and noble goals.

Perhaps the most prominent evidence of Qatar’s keenness to support the Iraqi people is what has been evident during the past years, specifically since 2017, when Qatari-Iraqi relations witnessed a new start, especially after Iraq’s victory over the terrorist organization ISIS. It is a major initiative to activate and enhance cooperation in several areas, the most important of which is reconstruction and investment.

Not only that, but Qatar announced in 2018 the provision of a $1 billion package of loans and investments in infrastructure and reconstruction projects in Iraq, based on its firm keenness to help the brotherly Iraqi people.

Qatar has also provided, in the economic, scientific and humanitarian fields, at the governmental and non-governmental levels, forms of support to Iraq through humanitarian relief and development projects in education, health, transportation and technology, which was confirmed by His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in previous statements. .

It is expected that the coming period will witness strengthening Qatari support for Iraq through economic and investment cooperation, especially in the field of reconstruction and development of the private sector, and benefiting from the Qatari experience in this field.

Yes, the State of Qatar is well aware of the importance of Iraq’s integration into its Gulf and Arab surroundings, and how it can play a very important role in achieving regional security and seeking to build a vision of peace in the region that faces common challenges that require the countries of the region to deal with it on the basis of joint cooperation and mutual interests and in accordance with the principles of good neighbourhood.