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The Wall Street Journal, citing US officials, reported that President Joe Biden’s administration had ordered the start of withdrawing part of the American forces and equipment from the Gulf region.

The newspaper added – according to “Al Jazeera Net” – that this step comes within the framework of reorganizing the American military presence in the Gulf and the region.

According to the newspaper, American military parts have been diverted from the Middle East, including an aircraft carrier, to meet needs in other regions, indicating the possibility of further cuts.

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She said that this step means that thousands of American forces may leave the region as well, and until last year there were about 50 thousand soldiers in the region, and the number before that reached about 90 thousand at the height of the tension between the administration of former US President Donald Trump and Iran.

Orientation towards Asia and
according to Al Jazeera, the most comprehensive reading of the report is that the Biden administration seeks to devote the strategy to heading towards Asia, which is what former President Barack Obama worked on, indicating that the Biden administration began to implement this approach with the escalation of the strategic conflict with Russia and China as a whole. Especially and what is happening in the developments in the South China Sea.

The channel quoted analysts as saying that this strategy means dismantling a decades-long military presence in the region, but he indicated that Washington will keep forces and training programs, especially sharing intelligence information with its allies in the region.