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Real estate experts have said that the digital transformation that developed after the Covid 19 pandemic enhances the drivers of the sector’s growth. Corona Newcomer (Covid-19). The seminar was entitled “Real Estate in the State of Qatar: Can Real Estate Technology Change the Sector’s Data?”, Which is the first in the series of KBMG’s dialogues in Qatar on real estate technology.

Through its holding of this symposium, KPMG in Qatar aimed to provide attendees with key information about transformations in the real estate sector, and about the factors that will push companies to move forward through the use of digital tools.

The seminar, held by KPMG, included a board of experts composed of: Nizar Hanini, partner in the consulting division in the digital field and innovation, Anuraj Gupta, head of the real estate consultancy division, Shakeeb Wabi, director of the digital transformation division, and Jane Renmoller, the partner and head of the digital village division in KPMG in Singapore, and speakers at the symposium said that the real estate sector in general is facing difficult times over the past few years to date, as the economic climate was not generally encouraging, along with the sector being affected by a series of events in the region reaching the pandemic of the virus Corona came into existence in the year 2020.

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And ambiguity still surrounds the course of events and what will happen to the days, which leaves therefore a great deal of uncertainty and confusion. Hence, there is no doubt that relying on the digital field in these difficult times helped a number of companies and institutions to continue their operations smoothly and is considered an ally of the economy around the world including the State of Qatar, and the experts considered during the seminar via the Internet a very important question, which is : Can technology revive the largest and oldest sector in the world that is monotonous in nature and broadcast some energy and enthusiasm in order to become one of the most economically attractive sectors for investments? In this regard, Nizar Hanini said: “There is no doubt that real estate technology is a subject that ignites enthusiasm It draws a lot of attention today. “

Real estate technology can improve the performance of the real estate sector by offering a new way to communicate with customers in the market. The digital experience revolves around the development of better ways to communicate with customers, and the companies that applied this experience touched the benefits during the emerging crisis of the Corona virus, and the digital field intersects between doing business and information technology, and through it can take advantage of technological progress and sharpen the IT tools necessary to add value to work .

From here, real estate technology can change the data of the sector not only in terms of doing business on the external level, but also on the internal level as digital tools enhance employee productivity, to that, Hanini considered that the digital field enhances the interconnection between supporting business functions. These tools can also influence the way to improve work performance management and enhance security procedures.

More importantly, it is the ability of these tools to affect how business generates new revenue through a new perspective that it will provide to the market and customers, and these tools can improve the quality of products and services where needed. In this context, Anuraj Gupta said: We have to understand the drivers For the real estate sector, it is a supporting sector that completely depends on the performance of the manufacturing, trade and services sectors. Thus, when these sectors perform well, the market will need individuals and retail space, which in turn will reflect a boom in the real estate sector.