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 The administration of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies announced the adoption of distance education and hybrid education during the spring semester of the academic year 2020-2021, after extensive deliberations and studies on the optimal arrangement for the educational process, concluded that hybrid education will be the reference option during the current health crisis represented by the spread of the Corona pandemic ( Covid-19) worldwide.

The method of hybrid education depends on a combination of physical education according to the capacity of the classrooms, taking into account all health precautions, and distance education for the rest of the students.

The institute’s administration stated in a circular that urban education will be for courses with small numbers, while distance education will be for first-year students and courses with large numbers, and hybrid education includes the rest of the courses, noting that this decision was based on a set of reasons and data, the most important of which are trends The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the State of Qatar in this regard.

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In this regard, Mr. Ali Manadi Al Kaabi, Director of Communication and External Relations at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, said that the Institute has worked from an early age to establish a base of educational platforms and media that ensure the continuation of the educational process in an interactive manner inside or outside the classroom, and in a way that enables the parties to the educational process. From communicating, sharing files, and doing everything related to that process as required.
He added, “Although the current circumstances in which we live impose social distancing on us, electronic platforms have made the continuation of the educational process possible, and at the same time enabled teachers and students to engage in the teaching and learning process,” pointing out that hybrid education It would contribute to enabling the institute’s students to receive their lessons and to continue the learning process in a diversified manner.

The institute is set to expand more in hybrid education during the next stage, and to make it available for the largest number of courses. In addition, the Information Technology Department at the Institute, in cooperation with the Education and Learning Office, is equipping and testing classrooms with the technologies needed for hybrid education, testing them, and improving their performance in preparation for their full use, noting that the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies had issued a decision last March to continue studying remotely as a measure. Precaution to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.