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The Turkish “Justice and Development” Party conference in Istanbul presented a special gift to the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and at the end of the seventh regular conference of the “Justice and Development” party in Istanbul, on the occasion of the end of his term, the head of the party branch in the state, Bayram Shanujak A special gift, a gift for Erdogan.

The gift was a complete part of the Holy Qur’an written through woodcut.

The gift presented by “Shanujak” aroused the attention of the audience, as it attracted attention with its large size, which required more than one person to be transferred to the platform, accurately.

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Bayram Chanucak also posted a video clip while presenting the gift to Erdogan, through his official Twitter account.

The Turkish president inquired about the details of preparing the Qur’an, before he requested the presence of the artist, Munir Arboro, who wrote the pages of the Holy Qur’an, and obtained from him information about its impact, which received the attention of the media in Turkey, later, according to Turk Press.

It took 27 months to write the Holy Qur’an by engraving on wood.

Turkish media quoted the artist, Munir Arboro, as saying that writing the Holy Qur’an using woodcut is the first and unique of its kind around the world.

He added that the Turkish president asked him about the details of the gift made by Arboro, praising his artistic work.

He explained that he called on Erdogan to promote this art, which was welcomed by the Turkish president.

Arboro, 72, said that birch trees could not be found in Turkey, so they brought them their wood from Russia.

He pointed out that after bringing the birch wood from Russia, they burned it, and wrapped its limbs with leather, before engraving the verses of the Holy Qur’an on them.