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In a report this evening, Qatar TV reviewed the latest procedures related to the travel and return policy to the State of Qatar, which was announced by the Ministry of Health, Friday, in light of the progress of the vaccination process against the Coronavirus “Covid 19” and the eligible groups.

Today, the Ministry of Health announced that 327,582 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been given to community members since the start of the national program of vaccination against Covid-19 in the State of Qatar.

** Here are the latest details about the largest vaccination campaign in Qatar against Corona and the new travel and return policy:

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* People who received the second dose of the “Covid 19” vaccine can travel and return to the State of Qatar without being subjected to quarantine, provided that the vaccine was taken in Qatar and a period of 14 days has passed since taking the second dose, regardless of where they spent that period, whether in the State of Qatar. Or beyond.

* The first phase of vaccination against Corona began on December 23, in 7 health centers, before the number was increased at a later stage and the groups covered by the vaccination expanded.

* The vaccination process is carried out using two vaccines, “Pfizer, Bayontek” and “Moderna”. On December 20 and February 10, the Ministry of Health issued permission for registration and emergency use of the first and second vaccines, respectively.

* 10% of Qatar’s adult population has already received at least one dose of the vaccine so far, according to His Excellency Dr. Hanan Muhammad Al Kuwari, Minister of Public Health.

* The vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, which is the largest vaccination campaign in the country, continues in its first phase, which ends at the end of March.

* The first phase of the Corona vaccination has been allocated to health care cadres most vulnerable to infection, first response staff in various state institutions, extended care patients and home care, and all people over the age of fifty years, as well as nearly half of the education sector workers, provided that the other half are vaccinated within the framework of The second phase, which starts at the beginning of April, includes, along with teachers, all health care cadres and essential workers in ministries, industries, and vital and service professions that are not included in the first phase, according to the Qatar TV report.

* All persons who reach the age of 40 years can have the process of vaccination in this second stage, which continues until the end of June.

* The strategy of vaccination against Corona in the State of Qatar consists of 4 stages ending at the end of October and aims to vaccinate the entire population. To achieve this purpose, all primary health centers provide the vaccine by invitation only according to the interim vaccination plan.

* A space has also been allocated in the National Convention Center for specific groups. A car vaccination center was established in Lusail to receive people who receive only the second dose without the need for a prior appointment.

* According to the latest data announced by the Ministry of Health today, more than half of people aged 60 years and over who are among the population groups most vulnerable to health risks associated with Covid-19 have so far received at least their first dose of the vaccine.

* 61% of people over the age of 80, 61% of people over the age of 70, and 55% of people over the age of 60 have received the vaccine.

* During the first 6 weeks of the vaccination program, about 60,000 doses of the vaccine were given to people most at risk of developing severe complications due to Covid-19, while the past six weeks witnessed the administration of more than 267,000 doses of the priority groups.

* The priority groups for obtaining vaccination during the current period were identified as follows: people of 50 years of age and over regardless of their health conditions, people suffering from chronic conditions of moderate severity regardless of their age, and more health care personnel and essential workers Others from various ministries and state institutions, including teachers and administrative personnel at educational facilities.

* The process of reserving vaccination appointments will remain unchanged, as PHCC teams contact people who meet the criteria for vaccination directly to book appointments for them, and they can call the Foundation on 40277077 to book an appointment for vaccination in a primary health care center.

* There is also an online registration system available on the Ministry of Health website, which allows people wishing to receive the vaccine to register their desire electronically.