Mrs. Zina Aker, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in the Lebanese caretaker government, expressed her thanks to the State of Qatar for the donation it made to rebuild the destroyed Karantina hospital as a result of the Beirut port explosion.
This came during an inspection tour that Mrs. Zina Aker made along with Dr. Hamad Hassan, Minister of Public Health in the Lebanese Caretaker Government, Mr. Ali Al-Mutawa, Acting Chargé d’Affairs at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Lebanese Republic, and Mr. Ali Al-Athba, First Secretary, of the destroyed Karantina hospital as a result of the port explosion Beirut, in order to learn about ways to rebuild it with the support of the State of Qatar, noting that the Qatari donation includes demolishing the old building of the Karantina Hospital, rebuilding and fully equipping it.
Mrs. Zina Aker explained that the visit today is a field to assess the current situation and to review the required reforms to the hospital, pointing out that at the same time the Qatari donation presented to demolish and rebuild the old hospital is being studied … and she thanked the State of Qatar for the donation provided to the hospital.
For his part, the Minister of Health in the Lebanese caretaker government appreciated the presence of Qatari partners who have always supported Lebanon, its people and the health sector, pointing out that the old building, which was badly damaged by the explosion, is difficult to restore, and all studies have indicated the need to remove and rebuild it.
He noted the importance of the donation provided by the sisterly State of Qatar, especially that it was the first hospital established near the port, and was designated for isolation and specialized for children, and therefore the demolition, rebuilding and equipping of the hospital from the Qatari donation has its connotations and symbolism, especially since we suffer today from 3 or 4 hospitals greatly damaged. And despite the donors’ contributions, we still need more support.
As for Karantina Hospital, through the Qatari donation, it will be ready according to the agreement within two years.
Dr. Hamad Hassan touched on the field hospitals provided by the State of Qatar, indicating that work in them has started with the installation of the field hospital in Sir Al-Danniyeh, then in Tripoli and Tire, and then to Joya.
For his part, Mr. Ali Al-Mutawa, Chargé d’Affairs at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Lebanese Republic, explained that this tour is an inspection tour to explore ways to restore the Karantina Hospital building damaged by the explosion, and it is part of the honor of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country Al-Mufadi, and we are about to sign a memorandum of understanding between the Lebanese side and the Qatari side, and God willing, Karantina Hospital will see the light soon.