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The State of Qatar has once again succeeded in winning the challenge by hosting the seventeenth edition of the Club World Cup, whose competitions fell the day before yesterday with the crowning of the German Bayern Munich with the championship title at the Education City Stadium, the candidate to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.
Qatar was able to add an achievement. A new addition to its supervising record at the level of the global sports scene, especially in light of the great challenges imposed by the global health conditions due to the continuing outbreak of the Corona virus.
Thanks to the remarkable success at the organizational level of the FIFA Club World Cup competitions, the State of Qatar has opened the way of hope in order to safely host mass tournaments in the future, after a wave of global contraction and fear of a further spread of the Corona virus after the local organizing committee of the tournament drew a solid plan in cooperation with the International Federation of Football Association Through it, it was able to secure the health bubble, whether at the level of participating clubs or at the level of public attendance, which had undergone exceptional arrangements due to the global epidemic situation.

** Comprehensive insurance inside the medical bubble,

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as usual, Qatar responded to the difficult World Cup mission with courage and is confident of its accumulated experience after it succeeded a few months ago in hosting 76 matches in the Asian Champions League competitions for the East and West regions within the comprehensive health bubble, enhancing its capabilities in organizing major sporting events according to the highest security standards And health safety.
By hosting 7 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2020 matches in accordance with the same stringent health standards and requirements, the world regained confidence in its ability to confront the epidemic based on the Qatari experience that contributed to the return of life to the stands of world football stadiums after a long wait of many months during which the world witnessed health disorders An emergency imposed by the expansion of the spread of the Corona virus.

** Operational tests

Hosting the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020 constituted a new opportunity for the Organizing Committee and the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy to experiment with the facilities and stadiums of the 2022 FIFA World Cup by adding two new stadiums to the group of stadiums that have been tested by hosting major events and regional, continental and global sports tournaments, bringing the total number of stadiums that have witnessed Operational experiences at the highest levels of 4 World Cup stadiums, namely Khalifa International Stadium, Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah City, Education City Stadium and Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan
It is important for the State of Qatar to host this large number of different tournaments and sporting events in order to experience its World Cup stadiums, which would enhance the readiness of these facilities at the operational level before the launch of the largest event in 2022.

** Accumulated experience

It is no secret what the organizational cadres at all levels are doing in order to make the tournament successful. The Club World Cup has contributed to developing the skills of the organizing committee members, as it was an opportunity to develop the capabilities of the working cadres and gain more new experiences through positive and ideal interaction with all Health and logistical challenges.
This championship added more experiences to the Qatari organizational cadres, who always confirm their worth through the great work done by all the championship committees.

** The experience of the fans … is exceptional,

such as the audience’s attendance, one of the strengths of the tournament through the success of the local organizing committee in organizing the first football events under the umbrella of the International Federation of Football Association, in accordance with the highest standards of distinction and dazzling, while following the health requirements imposed by the Corona pandemic.
The organizing committee set a tight health plan through which it succeeded in opening the stadium doors to 30% of the capacity, or about 13,000 spectators in each match, on one of the two stadiums that hosted the Club World Cup competitions, namely the Education City stadium and Ahmed bin Ali Stadium.
The organizing committee has also set general health requirements by specifying only 3 categories that can attend the championship competitions and they are those who received the second dose of the Corona vaccine, and also those who were infected with Corona during the last four months, specifically after the first of October 2020, in addition to those who prove that they are free of the virus after conducting a corona examination. Not later than 72 hours after the match.
In addition to other precautionary measures, this health plan contributed to the exit of the World Cup clubs in the best possible way, paving the way for the safe return of the masses to the stadiums in the near future, especially in the 2022 World Cup.

** Safe and sustainable transport

Doha Metro contributed to the transportation of fans throughout the days of the championship from various parts of Doha to the Al-Riffa station adjacent to Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in Al-Rayyan and the Education City station adjacent to the Education City Stadium.
The fans of the tournament flocked over the eight days through metro trains, as special trips were allocated to the stadiums around the clock in accordance with preventive measures, which contributed to reducing carbon emissions and reducing traffic congestion during the tournament, which contributed to the efforts of the local organizing committee in organizing a safe and environmentally friendly World Cup in Same time.

** Global Echoes

Qatar’s hosting of the Club World Cup has received many international acclaim, led by the International Federation of Football Associations, through the statements made by Gianni Infantino on the sidelines of the final match after he confirmed that Qatar succeeded in dazzling the world by its successful organization of the first world tournament under the FIFA umbrella since the outbreak of the Coronavirus He indicated that the success of the championship is due to the wonderful work done by the health authorities in Qatar.
The success of the tournament also cast a shadow over the world press, which praised the ideal organization of the tournament despite the challenges and difficulties imposed by the health pandemic, and many international websites and newspapers have devoted wide spaces to talk about the great benefits that have resulted from the pioneering Qatari experience in organizing tournaments.