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The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy shed light on its strategy for the sustainability of the World Cup / Qatar 2022 / during its participation in the activities of the Green Sports Alliance Forum, which discussed the best ways to benefit from the power and popularity of sport in addressing the most important environmental and societal issues facing the world.

During the inaugural session of the forum, which was held via visual communication technology, Engineer Badr Al-Mir, Director of Sustainability and Environment at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, highlighted sustainability projects in Qatar, and stressed that the country is witnessing an accelerated development process, and its hosting of the World Cup came to contribute to accelerating the pace of development plans. At the country level, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, she said, “Our vision aims to achieve harmony between economic growth, social development and environmental protection. The environmental aspect of the Qatar 2022 sustainability strategy is consistent with our national goals.”

During the dialogue session, which shed light on hosting sporting events that take into account aspects of the environment and sustainability for the next ten years, Al-Mir added: “Our strategy to protect the environment focuses on five basic aspects that include green buildings, carbon neutrality, air pollution, water management and waste reduction .. In this Context Aspects of sustainability are being adopted in all championship stadiums according to the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), which is a green building program that ensures compliance with sustainability standards and environmental protection during all stages of construction, and we are also committed to organizing a carbon-neutral championship in Qatar in 2022. ”

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In response to a question about the most important aspects of sustainability in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Al-Mir shed light on the benefits that the country will reap in terms of legacy after the curtain falls on the tournament competitions, and said: “As a Qatari citizen, I think it is very important to leave the World Cup as a legacy for future generations. In my country, we have started planning the legacy of the tournament during the preparation of Qatar’s bid to host the World Cup. “

“We now see our programs bearing fruit,” she added, “We have detailed plans that address the legacy of every building we build, of course at the forefront of which are stadiums. No less important is our continuous programs on the level of community heritage, which contribute to community development, and include activities to raise awareness about sustainability among youth.” Through Generation Amazing, which is the social responsibility program in the Supreme Committee, which works within the Football for Development initiative, and there is no doubt that the Qatar 2022 tournament will shed more light on the legacy strategies of the host country for major events in the future.

The panel discussion, which shed light on hosting environmental and sustainability sporting events over the next ten years, was moderated by Mrs. Nihal Al-Saleh, Director of the Sustainable Cities Project at Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, with the participation of Mr. Federico Adici, Director of Sustainability and Environment at FIFA (FIFA) FIFA), who spoke about the cooperation between FIFA and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, which committed to hosting a carbon-neutral version of the World Cup.

Adiche said: “Qatar 2022 will witness many unprecedented advantages, as it is the most converging version in the history of the World Cup since the tournament hosted by Uruguay in the year 1930, where all the events and activities of the tournament are held within a limited geographical area, football fans from around the world on An appointment with the World Cup in almost one city, and this undoubtedly will help our efforts to reduce emissions from travel, while ensuring an ideal atmosphere for everyone during the tournament. “

She added, “We are proud of the fruitful cooperation of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, and our shared commitment to hosting the most sustainable version of the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.”