The United Nations supports two initiatives.. New details about the mediation between Al-Burhan and Hamdok and the most prominent conditions

Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan – Abdullah Hamdouk

Doha – Al Sharq website

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The world is awaiting the results of mediation efforts led by the United Nations and an African country between all Sudanese parties to find a solution to the crisis that has been raging in the country since last week.

Volker Perthes, the United Nations special envoy to Sudan, said yesterday, that mediators hope that “features” of a way out of the crisis in Sudan will emerge in the coming days, adding to reporters in New York via video call from Sudan that Hamdok is still under house arrest at his residence, according to Reuters.

He pointed out that there are efforts and mediation being carried out by a number of parties currently in Khartoum. He continued: We support two of these endeavors, propose initiatives and ideas, and coordinate with some mediators… Larger packages (of measures) are being proposed for negotiation, and they hope that the features of one of them will emerge. …within the next two days.”

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He stressed that “there is a general feeling that a way out should be found,” and that he could not talk about the demands, conditions, or positions of the Sudanese army chief, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and ousted Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, while mediators switched between the two.

Politicians involved in the mediation effort saw the main compromise under discussion as a proposal to give Hamdok full executive powers and appoint a government of technocrats.

Reuters quoted sources as saying that the proposal that was submitted to all parties in Sudan calls for the abolition of the 14-member Sovereign Council for power-sharing and the appointment of an honorary council of 3 people.

The sources said that political parties, rebel groups and the army, partners in the pre-coup government, will be represented in Parliament and the army will continue to lead the Security and Defense Council.

On the other hand, an informed source in the “Freedom and Change Alliance – the National Charter Group”, according to the Al Jazeera Net website, said that Hamdok stipulated for his return to the position of Prime Minister the return of the situation to before the decisions of the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Army on the 25th of last October, provided that he return to his work his entire ministerial staff.

According to the same source, after the decisions, Hamdok met with a number of leaders, most notably: Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, the Rapid Support Commander Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), the head of the Justice and Equality Movement Jibril Ibrahim, and the head of the Sudan Liberation Movement Minni Arko Minawi, noting that all the paths of dialogue clashed. Hamdok’s terms, which are summarized in a return to the situation that existed on the 24th of last October.