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The Governmental Communications Office announced today that within the framework of the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed in Qatar as a result of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) and based on the travel and return policy to the State of Qatar which was announced earlier, the travel policies that will be implemented as of August 1 based on public health indicators in Qatar and the rest of the world.

He explained that the quarantine policy was reviewed and the following was decided: All those coming to the State of Qatar from low-risk countries are required to conduct a screening for the detection of the Corona virus immediately upon their arrival at the airport, and to sign a formal commitment to adhere to the home quarantine for a week, bearing in mind that the person’s condition in applying precaution will be in color Yellow, meaning that it is bound by quarantine.

After the week has passed, the person must go to one of the accredited health centers to perform a corona examination (Covid-19) again. If the condition is positive, the person will be transferred to isolation. green color.

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The Ministry of Health published a list of low-risk countries, noting that this list will be reviewed every two weeks.

In the event that there are Covid-19 accredited testing centers in one of these countries, obtaining a virus-free certificate from one of these centers will exempt the person from the examination at the airport upon arrival in the country, provided that the date of obtaining the certificate does not exceed 48 hours before traveling.

* List of low-risk countries with Covid-19 infection

Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Malta, Finland, Hungary, South Korea, Estonia, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Japan, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Morocco, Poland, France, Australia, Canada Slovenia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Algeria, Turkey, Iceland, Spain, Croatia and Andorra.

List of countries with low risk of developing COFED-19 and the most important questions related to home quarantine coming to Qatar