Thousands of volunteers to offer health and logistics services
Volounteer card
“Many young women have experience in voluntary work through their previous stints with different organizations in the country, and are ready now to perform the task ahead of them efficiently”

A large number of young people from across Qatar have volunteered to offer the required health and logistics services to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country.
Some 5,953 people from 79 nationalities had signed up until the end of Friday as part of the initiative, according to the Qatar Charity Twitter page.
Thousands of people signed up for the cause to be part of the #VolunteerForQatar initiative, local Arabic daily Arrayah yesterday reported, stressing the ability of young people to efficiently deal with such hard times and crises in general.
They have opted to use their free time to support the efforts of the country in this field, making themselves useful in accordance with the directives and instructions of the entities concerned, the daily reported.
Speaking to the newspaper, some of them noted that they gained the required expertise through their experience of being involved in previous volunteering works organized by different organizations in the country.
Saleh al-Yafei said he is ready to support the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health and other entities concerned to curb the spread of Covid-19 while taking all necessary precautionary and preventive measures.
He stressed that Qatar has given him a lot and supported him throughout his life. So, to volunteer for such an initiative is the least he could do for Qatar and ensure the well-being of its people, he said, adding that protecting the country against such natural threats is the collective responsibility of all its inhabitants.
“We have full confidence in the decisions taken by the authorities concerned, and will implement and follow them strictly. Accordingly, we will continue our efforts to further spread awareness among the people while maintaining a safe distance and carrying out our work remotely in line with the instructions,” he said.
Mohamed al-Jaber said it is the prime duty of young people in the country to volunteer and provide support as required to speed up the process of overcoming such difficult times. He stressed that young people should also spread awareness among their communities and avoid the usual social and family gatherings or going out, especially to crowded or closed places unless it is absolutely necessary.
He said young people should lead the country’s awareness efforts in this regard by being a role model
themselves for their communities.
Heba al-Raisi noted that young women can offer a lot through their voluntary work to add to the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Public Health and other entities. She said many young women have good experience in voluntary work through their previous stints with different organizations in the country and are ready now to perform the task ahead of them efficiently.
She pointed out that many of them have already posted, through their social media accounts, awareness materials on preventive methods and how to protect families both within and outside the house.
Recently, social media was flooded with posts from people around the country offering any kind of help and support to deal with the ongoing crisis.