Highest Paying Jobs in Qatar

If you are seeking a job in Qatar, this session might be helpful for you to choose your career in Qatar. Here we have listed the highest paying jobs in Qatar.

Qatar is one of the fastest emerging countries in the field of trade, economy, infrastructure. The development of infrastructures in Qatar is marvelous. With a large number of undergoing infrastructural development, Qatar becomes one of the most lucrative destinations for expertise.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Qatar

1) Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer is the highest position of any Company and there are a lot of Multinational companies in Qatar. CEOs and managing directors of multinational companies earn the highest salary in Qatar.
Chief executives of global companies earn an average monthly wage of $33,261 in Qatar.

2) Banking

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With the rise of economic development of any country, there is raise of banking sectors. In recent years, banking sectors boom enormously in Qatar. Treasury manager in the banking industry earns an average monthly wage of $15,329 in Qatar.

3) Construction

Qatar is going to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup for very first time. There are numbers of construction jobs vacant almost every time in Qatar. According to the recent statistics from the government, companies are struggling to fulfill the construction workers in companies.

Engineers and many other managerial position jobs are on the list of highest paying jobs in Qatar.

Project manager in a construction company earns monthly $11,705 in an average.

4) Information and Technology

Many industries and factories are adopting the information technology to ease the work done in recent years. Business automation, advanced manufacturing process, and several others petroleum workflow requires the IT personnel.

Information Technology is an upcoming field that is now booming in Qatar.

The average monthly earnings of IT manager is about $12,428 in Qatar.

5) Media and Advertising

After the significant increase in national and multinational companies in Qatar, there is a high demand for media and advertisement agents. Many multinational companies hire the foreign nationals as an advertisement agent who is fluent in Arabic as well as English.

If you can speak multi-language, you have a better opportunity to get the job in this field.

6) Real Estate

Real Estate includes construction of housing and apartments. As many people are willing to move on Qatar in search of opportunities Real estate business is also one of the growing business in Qatar.

Jobs related to real estate becomes the highest paying jobs in Qatar in recent years.

7) Human Resource Manager

Human resource manager is one of the highly demanding job as well as a highly paid job in Qatar in recent years. After the significant increase of construction and several other manufacturing companies: companies are seeking experienced foreign nationals for the position of a human resource manager.

HR Manager is paid monthly around $10,536 on an average in Qatar.

8) Health Care

With the development of the nation, the government is always willing to provide good health services to its citizen. Qatar solely cannot fulfill the demand of Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians and Dentist inside their own country.

Health sector jobs become one of the most demanding job as well as a highly paid job in Qatar in recent years.

9) Hotel and Restaurants

Qatar becomes one of the touristic places in the middle east region. Chefs, waiter, bartender, cashier, manager are some demanding jobs with high salary jobs in Qatar in some recent years.

10) Airlines Job

Qatar airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world. Airlines jobs are also considered one of the highest paying jobs in Qatar.