For a human being living 100 years of life is unusual and remarkable, but for some animals it is something quite ordinary. Not all the animals grow and die like we humans do. All living organisms do not have same life span, some die within minutes or hours after their birth while some live for hundreds of years. All the animals with longest life span live past 100 years. Animals rarely approach their maximum possible age due to various natural and environmental activities. The list below compiles the animals with longest life span, the longest living animals on the earth.

10. Warty Oreo


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Warty Oreo is a marine fish found mostly in the southern hemisphere. Warty Oreo is a size of up to 42 cm and is found in the southern oceans in the depth of between 300 meter and 1,600 meter. Warty Oreo has an average life span of 140 yrs and feed on small fishes around them. Warty Oreo resembles the Spiky Oreo and is dark grey in color with black fins. This species of fish forms a large school over the rough terrains of continental slopes. Due to its long life span, Warty Oreos are the longest living macro vertebrate in the world. 

9. Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy

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Often called Red Roughy, Deep Sea Parch or Slimehead, Orange Roughy is a large fish found in deep sea. It is known as Slimehead as it belongs to Slimehead family and has mucous producing canals on their heads. Orange Roughy has been categorized as “Vulnerable to Exploitation” as they were extensively hunted by fishermen. The Orange Roughy has very sluggish growth and maturity rate and could not reproduce until they are at least 20 years old. The fish reportedly can live for 149 years 

8. Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

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Aldabra Giant Tortoise is one of the largest species of giant tortoise found in the Aldabra Islands in the Indian Ocean. It is also one of the longest living animals on the earth with a life expectancy of 152 years. Aldabra Giant Tortoise is the only living species of tortoise in Indian Ocean as all other species have become extinct due to human interference with their habitat. Male Aldabra Giant Tortoise grows up to the length of 1.1 meter whereas female tortoises grow to a little less of .9 meters. Adwaita was an Aldabra Giant Tortoise who supposedly died at the age of 255 in the year 2006. 

7. Lake Sturgeon

Lake Sturgeon

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Lake Sturgeon is a freshwater fish and is a native of North America. Lake Sturgeon is also known as Rock Sturgeon and there are around 25 species of Sturgeon. The Lake Sturgeon looks like an armored Torpedo due to its sleek shape and bony plates on the both sides. Lake Sturgeon are said to have a very long life span with males having a life expectancy of 55 years and females can live up to 152 years. Due to intense fishing along with increased water pollution, there was massive decrease in the population of Lake Sturgeon. 

6. Shortraker Rockfish


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Shortraker Rockfish is another fish in our list that is one of the longest living animals of the earth with a life span of 157 years. They are usually greater than 1 meter in length and weigh around 20 kilograms. They are one of the largest rockfishes found from Eastern Kamchatka to British Columbia. Shortraker Rockfish either lives alone or in small group steep slopes and feed on Lanternfishes, Squids, Octopi, Crab, Shrimp and other small Crustaceans. 

5. Galápagos Tortoise

Galápagos Tortoise

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Previously found in almost all the continents except Antarctica and Australia, Galápagos tortoise are the largest tortoise Longest Living Animals at present. They can live up to 177 years and weigh around 250 Kg; the heavier and larger versions are now extinct. At present they are only found in West of Ecuador and in Aldabra Islands in Indian Ocean. It is estimated that around 100,000 Galápagos have been killed so far as they were hunted for food by merchantmen, pirates and whalers. They have now been listed as highly endangered by Ecuadorian government as only around 15,000 Galápagos tortoise live today. 

4. Red Sea Urchin

Red Sea Urchin

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Red Sea Urchins lives in shallow water and are found in rocky shores that are sheltered from furious waves. They are natives of Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Baja, California. They have spherical bodies completely covered with sharp spines of length up to 8 cm. Their color varies from red to dark burgundy. They have no visible legs or hands and crawl over the sea bottom with the help of spines. They live a very long life of around 200 years and feed upon water plants as Longest Living Animals. 

3. Rougheye Rockfish

Rougheye Rockfish

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Considered as longest living aquatic fish, Rougheye Rockfish can live up to 205 years. They are pinky-orange in color and can grow to the length of 32 inches and can weigh around 6.7 Kg. They are also known as Blackthroat Rockfish or Blacktip Rockfish. It is named as Rougheye Rocksfish as it has spines found around its eyes on the lower eyelid. Rougheye Rockfish looks much similar to the Shortraker Rockfish. They are distributed from San Diego to the Aleutian Islands and from Bering Sea to Kamchatka Peninsula and are found along the coast of Japan. 

2. Bowhead Whale

Bowhead Whale

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Second only in size to Blue Whale, Bow head whale is by far longest living mammal on earth. They have, the largest mouth of any animal, in the shape of a huge bow. The weigh hundreds of tones and can grow up to 70 feet. Also known as Arctic Whales they have a life span of 211 years. It is found entirely in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters. 

1. Ocean Quahog


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Ocean Quahog is the Longest Living Animals on earth with a life span of over 400 years. They are also known as Arctica Islandica and are the species of edible clam. They belong to North Atlantic Ocean and are harvested as a source of food. They grow slowly and have low rates of reproduction. Ocean Quahog is also known by various different names as including Mahogany Clam, Icelandic Cyprine, Mahogany Quahog, Black Clam and Black Quahog.

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