Top 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Men In The World

If you are looking for eye candy on your next holiday, a beautiful man for a holiday romance or perhaps a lifelong love with a handsome man, you need to look to at these ten countries to find the best looking men in the world. Indulge your eyes and let your mind wander as we look at the countries with the best looking men on the planet.



Raoul Bova

Some of the most gorgeous men in the world are Italian. Known for their smoldering, dark looks and very good fashion sense. These stylish guys have the charm and wits to disarm any women. Known as some of the best lovers on the planet – just think about Casanova, these handsome men are known to be very generous in bed. If that’s not enough they are very well known for their grand romantic gestures.



Gerard Pique

The men from this warm country are friendly and open with women. They tend to be tanned with dark hair and bright eyes. Spanish men are sports mad and can be found playing football or pushing their adrenalin by running with the bulls. Spanish men are known to be romantic yet playful.



David Gandy

Who can resist a good looking man with an English accent? English guys tend to be very well mannered and polite. If you enjoy being treated like a princess then these are the guys for you. You can look forward to spending time watching him play football or rowing. Strong jaw lines, sparkling eyes and with a good fashion sense, these guys deserve to be in the top 10.



Hugh Jackman

The men from this country tend to be tanned, blonde and very sporting. Your weekends will be spent watching them play a variety of sports from their beloved footy to cricket, rowing or surfing. These guys are busy following outdoor pursuits every second that they get. All this activity results in a very toned and lean body that is worth admiring on a regular basis.


5South Africa

Joe Collier

You will find some of the sexiest men in the world in this rainbow nation. You will find good looking men of all shades and somebody to drool over no matter what your personal taste in men is. The men tend to be tall and strong with a sense of inner confidence that some people find intimidating. These guys know that they are sexy.



les deux hommes tobias

Here you will find sexy men with a high level of education, good manners and a great attitude. They tend to be very fit and spend their weekends playing soccer and having fun pursing outdoor adventures with friends. German men are generally very well dressed with a very good sense of fashion. They are generally blonde with blonde hair and a fair complexion.



Hideo Muraoka

Some of the top male models in the world are from Japan. These guys are obsessed with looks and fashion. Here you will find men following the trends of the most famous actors in the world. They follow a very healthy diet and are conscious of what they put into their bodies. Diet and exercise are almost part of their religious beliefs. Here you will find very good looking men and they tend to be very intellectual. They are fair skinned with dark hair and eyes.


8United States

Sean o’pry

The men from the USA are friendly with a great attitude towards life. These are the guys from the Hollywood movies in real-life. You will find all types of men in the USA from the All American good guy to the real bad boys of the world. You will find a guy to suit your personal taste and lifestyle here. They will make you drool from the tall basketball players to the very built football players.



French male model

Je t’aime….every girl wants to be told, I love you in French. These are the guys who invented Romance. Enjoy days in Paris or the French countryside with a man whispering words in the world’s most romantic language. The men of France have a very good sense of fashion and tend to be very intellectual. If you want a guy to woo you with words and smoking looks then these are the guys for you.



Ruben Cortada

If you fancy a red hot Latin lover, check out the sultry good looks of the men from Cuba. Tanned dark skin, intense eyes and very well built bodies will great you from every street in Cuba. If you enjoy dancing and romance then these are the guys for you. Cuban men are some of the best dancers in the world and a night of salsa will fill you with passion for these gorgeous guys.