Take a look at The Top 10 Most Valuable Brands of 2016

Photo via aaj.tv


Brand value: $229 billion

Google ranks first right now. The tech giant has increased 32% of its brand value over the past year. Google dominates online searching over the western world and is always ranked as one of the best employers among companies.

And this isn’t the first time that Google is at the top of the list – from 2007 to 2010, and again in 2014.


Brand value: $228 billion

Apple has dropped 8% of its value over the past year, putting it just behind Google in the ranking.

Apple has sold millions of iPhones and other products, but the perceptions towards the brand have been shifting. It is suggested that they need to work on their relevance to consumers and create a stronger emotional connection with them.


Brand value: $122 billion

Nudged up by 5% of its brand value, Microsoft has maintained No.3 in this row.

Microsoft is famous for its Windows software in a very long time, and as its latest Windows 10 came out, the situation can be better. The system can be used on PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and also worked well with Apple products.

Microsoft recently announced its plans for virtual reality and is working to get Windows Holographic platform into kinds of devices.


Brand value: $107 billion

AT&T and Verizon are the top two telecoms firms in America, and the brand value of AT&T has increased 20% since last year.

It is said that AT&T is trying to become more convenient for consumers and offer entertainment services instead of typical telecoms offerings. AT&T is becoming more of a lifestyle brand for common people.


Brand value: $103 billion

Facebook has grown its brand value by entering new areas like Bots for Messenger, which will help users access anything from personalized news and weather updates.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, but the valuation doesn’t count these separate brands.


Brand value: $101 billion

Compared to last year, Visa’s brand valuation climbed 10%. And it’s still trying to reinvent how payments are made.

Customers also appreciate that the company is playing a leading role in online security.


Brand value: $99 billion

Amazon’s brand valuation has soared by 59% in the past year, and it’s the first time that Amazon has broken into Top 10 ranking.

Amazon has developed an impressive delivery and logistics business, which disrupted the industry that traditionally dominated by FedEx and UPS.


Brand value: $93 billion

Verizon increased its brand value by 8% over the past year. And it continues to offer more content to customers.

The nation’s largest 4G LTE Network help you discover the latest cell phones, smartphones, tablets, accessories and other devices.


Brand value: $89 billion

McDonald’s increased its brand value by 9% over the past year. And it is trying to create a healthier image for itself.

The fast food chain is still struggling with negative perceptions about its unhealthy food. But it’s trying to change the situation as pushing to promote McCafé beverages over soft drinks and offering all-day breakfasts.


Brand value: $86 billion

IBM is working to transition from a software business to a cloud company. But the brand has slide down 13% in 2015 and another 8% in 2016.

The company already announced its worst quarterly sales since 2012 and is trying to invest in ognitive computing and artificial intelligence.