The Top 10 Hottest Norwegian Women

We don’t really need a creative reason to tour the world and offer galleries of their hottest women, but we figured, Hey, Norway’s excited about luge and cross-country skiing and curling, and Hey, we’re excited about their females, so why not get excited together. Or something like that. Anyway, like Pauly D, we (and probably you at this point) just want to get to the business.

We offer up the 10 hottest Norwegian women…


The famous electro-pop singer has a sound like Kylie Minogue’s and a swagger like Uffie’s. Now, just give her talent like Tera Patrick’s and she’d be a triple threat.

9Kristanna Loken

She’s the sexiest (and only) American-born Norwegian actress on our list. She’s dated both men and women, but more recent has been in a relationship with a women.

8Iselin Steiro

The high-fashion supermodel was discovered while Christmas shopping in London with her parents back in ’99. Ten years later, she’s still a gift that keeps on giving.

7Nina Oord

Some of Nina’s interests include being outside with her boyfriend and dog, tacos, and hanging out with her friends. Our interests: Pretending Nina doesn’t have a boyfriend and looking at hot pics of her. And imagining eating tacos with her.

6Hanneli Mustaparta

A former model, and current VJ for MTV Norway, Hanneli is also a blogger who hits the streets taking pictures of hot stylish girls, sort of like our own “Sweet Detail” posts.

5Monica Hansen

If you want to see more pics of Monica in print, feel free to cop FHM’s 2010 calender, or back order the July 2009 issue of Playboy.

4Heidi Johnsen

Truthfully, we don’t know much about supermodel Heidi except that she’s super hot, more than deserves the #4 spot on this countdown, and should not be confused with this Heidi Johnsen.

3Siri Tollerod

The list of high-profile campaigns this supermodel has worked on is endless: Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Miu Miu to name a few. Born in ’88? Old enough.

2Marion Raven

The hotter chic from M2M successfully busted out of the ’90s girl group stereotype, and her top. Ok, maybe not the latter, but you gotta dream big.


1Natassia Malthe

How can we argue against model/actress Natassia Malthe as number one? We like to think of her part-Filipino background simply as a bonus to her Norwegian-bred sexiness.