Top 10 Best Makeup Tips for Asian Women

Asian skin is comparatively different from the other skin types. The males and females of Asia suffer from severe environmental impacts, thus, have to take extra care of their skin. There are different makeup products and tips for Asian women. Here we have compiled the list of top 10 best makeup tips for Asian women.



Black eyeliner is a very good thing. It defines your eyes beautifully whether you are Asian or not, but the selection of quality eyeliners is very important. Make sure to enhance the beauty of your eyes by refraining from lining inside the rim of your eyes.


Asian women love to have thicker and longer lashes. It is good to use eyelashes, but unlike European females, the Asian ladies should use fuller lashes. Don’t use fake lashes till you are assured of their quality. They should not be inexpensive because such products give bad results, usually.


Consider to fill the gaps between your eyebrows with quality shades. The use of eye pencil is done to create balance of face of Asian women. Make sure your eyebrows look neat all the time, and they must be made beautiful with brownish colors.

7Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is best suited makeup when it comes to Asian skin. It looks better because it has no extra and irritating shine, and hides away blemishes that you might have on your skin.


Asian women should use soft pink shades, depending on the area they live in. Consider using dark colors of blush only when you are to go for a night function. Lighter hue of pink on top of your cheekbones would look superb, and can enhance your overall personality.

5Use Of Creams For Even, Spotless Skin

BB Cream is used for blemished skin since the letters BB stands for Blemish Balm. For Asian skin types, these types of creams aren’t good enough because these can damage your face when you expose to sunlight. Bring home sunblocks with high SPF level to fight this problem.


Foundations for Asian females should be yellowish rather than reddish or pinkish. This is because yellow foundations compliment well with Asian skins. There is a tint of pink in majority of the foundations out there but they are not suitable for females living in warm climate.


One of the most important products used when you do makeup is the primer. It must be of good brand and you should be assured that it stays well on your skin the whole day. There is no need to have a primer of heavy contents.

2Face Powder

Face powder is usually used by the women of Asia as a replacement of heavy skin bases. The Asian females need not heavy foundations, you can just touch-up with a good quality face powder throughout the day.

1Eye Shadows

Eye makeup is never considered complete without an eye shadow. There are many of them. Choose what you are confident in. We recommend Asian females to go with adding layers of different shades and blending them well together to have appealing look.