We all want to be safe on the road – a place that can be particularly dangerous if people aren’t careful. These two statements hold equally true for both drivers and cyclists. Cycling is the number one growing sport in Qatar.

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Many people from different ages joined this sport recently. The question remains, is it safe to ride a bike in Qatar?


The answer is yes, it is completely possible to cycle in Qatar. Not only is it possible but there is a healthy and safe riding too.


Where to ride safely in Qatar?


The Olympic Cycling Lane is a game changer for cycling in Qatar. It is a car-free, two lane road, enabling safe riding at all times of day, whether in a group or riding solo. It is an out-and-back route connecting Doha to the Al Bayt Stadium outside Al Khor – a one way distance of 33 kilometers, which makes it the longest in the world.


Olympic Track Qatar


Another option is the Losail International circuit, situated a short distance north of Doha, opens its doors to cyclists, runners, walkers and roller-bladers on Tuesday (ladies and children only) and Wednesday evenings between October and June. However, it is not available when the track is in use for racing so be sure to check their events calendar.


Cycling Paths dotted all around Doha: You’ll see new cycle paths appearing all over Qatar. Not all paths are fully connected yet but why not get out and explore what’s available in your neighbourhood?



Having said that, cyclist sometimes need to go on the road to get to the cycling paths, or to commute to the train station, or even for any reason. And when they do, they deserve to be safe on the roads; here are some tips about driving around cyclists:


1. Use indicators in good time



Accidents usually occur when people aren’t doing what they are supposed to, one such instance can be in relation to indicators. Always use your indicators, as this not only helps other drivers but cyclists too.


2. When turning and emerging from junctions look out for cyclists


When you’re in the process of performing any kind of turn, you must always be on the lookout for cyclists. 3. Give them space Giving a cyclist space is of vital importance, for both you and those on bikes.


3. Give cyclists a head start at traffic lights


4. Check for cyclists before opening doors


Many people, after they have finished parking their vehicle, don’t think twice before opening the roadside door. This is incredibly dangerous, as cyclists can be harder to see and hear coming.


5. Look out for their signals



Cyclists should use their hands to signal that they are turning, look out for these signals and respect them.


6. Don’t touch your phone while driving


We all know that under no circumstance should we be making phone calls or texting while behind the wheel.


7. Use the horn sparingly


When insulated inside our vehicles, blaring our horns can seem like a trivial matter with the sound muffled from the driver’s perspective.


Safe riding and driving everyone!