A tender has been issued to improve the efficiency of roads and transportation

Transportation studies the causes of traffic congestion

Doha – Akram Al-Karad:
The Tender and Auctions Committee at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications revealed a tender for a new project aimed at studying traffic congestion, through the bidding system in two envelopes.
She indicated that the tender was closed on the 28th of this month, pointing to the possibility of obtaining tender documents from the Tender and Auctions Committee through the website https://tender.www.gov.qa in exchange for paying an amount of 10,000 riyals for the value of the tender documents. To return or refund under any circumstances.
She pointed out that the study project aims to find out the causes of congestion, study and improve the efficiency of roads and public transport, especially that traffic congestion is one of the most important challenges facing developed countries today, and represents a global phenomenon as a result of modern urban life and growing population density, and the consequences of that. From an increase in the number of vehicles on the streets.
With regard to registration, the committee clarified that unregistered companies must first register with the Ministry’s Procurement Department before submitting a tender, according to an authorization letter indicating the email of the person in charge, and attaching a copy of the company’s valid commercial registration, and a copy of the classification certificate issued by Ministry of Finance, Government Procurement Regulatory Department.

She noted that for non-Qatari companies; A copy of the company’s valid commercial registration and articles of incorporation duly certified by the competent diplomatic authorities should be submitted, in addition to submitting bids signed and sealed with the company’s seal through the website.
She indicated that the committee has the right to reject any bid that violates this condition, and the president has the right, based on the committee’s recommendation, and in accordance with the requirements of the public interest, to amend the quantities or volume of contracts concluded in accordance with the provisions of this law and the regulation by increasing or decreasing the same conditions and prices, without having the contractor with the government agency The right to claim any compensation for that, according to the controls and within the limits set by the regulations within the limits of 20% of the value of the contract in accordance with the provisions of Article (80) of the executive regulations of the law, noting that the bidders or their representatives are entitled to attend the envelope opening session on the Wednesday following the closing date. At one o’clock in the afternoon in the meeting room of the Ministry building.
The committee stipulated that a temporary deposit of 1,000,000 riyals be attached to the bid In the name of the Ministry to the Committee, by a payable check or by a bank letter of guarantee issued by one of the local or accredited banks in the State of Qatar and valid for at least 120 days from the date specified for submitting the bid at the value specified before each tender, and the bid validity period shall be at least 90 days from The expiry date of the period specified for submitting the bids, and the final security value (10%) of the contract value shall be deposited according to a bank letter of guarantee accepted by a local or accredited bank.
In the same context, the Tenders and Auctions Committee at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications announced the extension of the work by receiving bids for a tender «providing consulting services» until the fourth of next month, where bidders or their representatives can attend the envelope opening session on the Tuesday following the closing date, in the meeting room of the ministry building.

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