Hamad International Airport

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The local travel industry was characterized by vigilance and extreme care in dealing with the Corona Covid 19 pandemic, as it has become a model to follow due to its application of the latest technology and the adoption of the most advanced technologies to limit the spread of the pandemic, as well as the activation of a number of precautionary measures, whether on board Qatar Airways or through Hamad Airport By making the travel experience non-contact, the Hamad International Airport has brought down to the ground a series of measures that enhance the safe travel process and raise the airport’s health standards, such as the distribution of disinfectant robots, smart screening helmets and ultraviolet luggage disinfection tunnels. In addition to the frequent sterilization of the main points of contact during the implementation of physical distancing procedures inside the airport building.

Saeed Al Hajri: An integrated strategy to boost the travel industry
Mr. Saeed Al Hajri, a member of the Municipal Council, said:Qatar has adopted an integrated strategy to promote the travel industry and make it a safe and sound experience. This experience, with its advanced data, has received thanks, approval and admiration from the whole world, as Qatar Airways was able to transport millions of stranded travelers to their countries in safety and peace and in accordance with the highest health and precautionary standards. Through these efforts, it was able to thank all airports Global, indicating that Qatar Airways, with these valuable efforts, surpassed all its counterparts from international airlines and added to its record of achievements other achievements that made it consolidate its position at the forefront of global airlines, noting that Qatar Airways was able through its headquarters at Hamad Airport to provide a quality experience And distinguished from the check-in point at the airport to the passengers’ experience on board the plane, as it included the provision of personal protection equipment for the hospitality crew and a bag of personal protection supplies for passengers of all classes, in addition to sterilizing the cabins using radiationUltraviolet.
Al Hajri said, “Hamad International Airport has provided a very efficient and pioneering travel experience, and the advanced technical and precautionary measures used by the airport have contributed to providing a safe and secure travel environment for all destinations and destinations, as the airport has worked to activate the guidelines and directives of the Ministry of Public Health and the World Health Organization regarding the repeated sterilization of contact points.” During the implementation of physical spacing measures inside the airport building, these measures included placing floor stickers, explanatory signs, and seats spaced across the entire Hamad International Airport building, to educate and remind travelers of the necessity of physical spacing, in addition to using more advanced technology to make the travel experience non-contact. The operational and health services have received a number of awards and certificates of appreciation from the international bodies concerned with evaluating the travel experience

Saleh Al-Tawil: Hamad Airport is number one in providing a healthy travel environment
Mr. Saleh Al-Tawil, Director General of the International Travel and Tourism Agency said, “Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport have become number one in providing a travel experience with high luxury and safety due to the precautionary measures they follow and the precise and very advanced health requirements through the use of the most advanced and modern technologies, which made the movement of The travel industry in Qatar is the safest, in addition to being the first in the world to use the latest technologies to limit the spread of Covid 19, indicating that Qatar Airways has become the first airline in the Middle East to receive a five-star rating in auditing safety measures for Covid-19 at the airline level. From the Skytrax Corporation, indicating that this high rating came after careful examination and strict procedures were followed by Qatar Airways, whether on board its aircraft or at the level of its operations at Hamad International Airport.
Al-Taweel said, “Hamad International Airport has been characterized by great vigilance in its operational activities since the outbreak of the pandemic, as it worked to use the most advanced technologies to provide a safe, non-contact travel experience, as well as activate thermal screening procedures for travelers and employees and ensure that everyone is committed to wearing face masks throughout the airport building.” The airport has also installed vending machines equipped with personal protective equipment throughout the terminal to give travelers easy access to various personal protective equipment, whether disposable or reusable.Precautionary measures have also been taken in retail outlets, food outlets and food halls at Hamad International Airport, including cashless purchases to reduce contact, spaced seats and thermal examination, pointing out that all these measures followed by the airport contributed to providing an exceptional and healthy travel experience that made the airport. Hamad is the kiss of international airlines and the airport is number one in providing a healthy, safe and sound travel environment, expressing his thanks to all airport employees for their great and distinguished role in providing a wonderful and pioneering travel experience.

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Khaled Luqmous: Qatar Airways has gained the confidence and credibility of international travelers
Mr. Khaled Laqmous, Director General of Al Muftah Travel and Tourism Agency described the local travel experience as one of the most successful experiences at the international level. Security travel data has enabled it to transport millions of stranded travelers to their countries safely, indicating that Qatar Airways has used smart inspection helmets and luggage disinfection tunnels with UV rays in addition to continuous sterilization and disinfection as well as activating social distancing procedures and requirements, adding that Hamad International Airport is one of the first International airports that dealt professionally and efficiently with the pandemic by bringing to the ground a series of precautions and precautionary measures that prevent the spread of the epidemic and make the travel movement smooth, safe and sound.
Khaled Laqmoush said, “Qatar Airways has achieved a great achievement by obtaining a five-star aviation safety rating in auditing the safety measures for COVID-19 at airports from Skytrax. This achievement comes thanks to its efficient and accurate application of all precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of travelers throughout the period.” The spread of the global pandemic, indicating that Qatar Airways, by virtue of these effective measures, was able to gain the confidence of global travelers and the thanks and praise of global governments and airports, stressing that Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport will continue their pioneering work to provide and achieve an exceptional, safe, sound and high-luxury travel experience that remains firmly entrenched in its luxurious data. Al-Adhan

Jihad Hosu: advanced technology applications and solutions to enhance travel
Jihad Hoso, Director General of the Overseas Travel and Tourism Agency, said, “Hamad International Airport and Qatar Airways have deserved all the international awards and certificates that they have obtained for providing a safe and sound travel experience by activating all health requirements from sterilization and disinfection using the latest and most advanced equipment and airlines. Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport currently apply the highest standards of hygiene and sterilization, as it has taken various and strict preventive measures to provide security and safety for travelers, employees and hospitality crews to achieve safe and reassuring flights, indicating that Qatar Airways, under its strictness in applying the most advanced devices, has obtained a five-star aviation safety rating. Stars in auditing safety measures for COVID-19 at airports from Skytrax.
“Hamad International Airport has been able to achieve a non-contact travel experience through the activation of advanced technical applications and solutions in addition to continuous sterilization and disinfection operations, as well as strict social distancing measures,” said Jihad Hoso, noting that the airport was able, according to these effective measures, to the throne of the global airport industry. And to provide an ideal experience through which to gain the confidence and credibility of travelers to various international destinations.