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Qatar Airways currently operates 100 flights to various destinations within its network of operations, and this qualitative achievement is the culmination of the airline’s great efforts to rebuild its network of destinations, especially after it was one of the few airlines that continued to fly everywhere during the pandemic to return passengers. To their countries safely and peacefully.

Qatar Airways plans to increase the number of its destinations to more than 125 destinations before the end of 2020, and a number of managers of travel and tourism offices described Qatar Airways as a giant global airline that, thanks to its modern fleet and integrated operational plans, has overcome all challenges and continues to fly in the air through Operating flights to more than 30 destinations during the pandemic, which helped millions of travelers to return to their countries and enabled the carrier to closely monitor global travel and begin planning to gradually relaunch its flights to more destinations, indicating that the airline was able to gain the confidence of travelers from various countries of the world Under its flights, it also received thanks and appreciation from the various countries and airports that flew to it, explaining that Qatar Airways continued to operate and there are many airlines that have suspended their flight schedule, which made the carrier the subject of international travel.

Al-Hail: The health measures enhanced confidence in the business of Qatar Airways

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Mr. Adel Al-Hail, Director General of the Asia Travel and Tourism Agency said: “Overcoming challenges is the title of Qatar Airways, as the airline continues to operate its flights to various destinations while adopting the latest health strategies, which has earned it the confidence of world travelers, indicating that Qatar Airways flights During the Corona pandemic, “Covid-19”, it helped millions of travelers to return to their countries and at a time when international airlines suspended their flights, which strengthened confidence in the operations of Qatar Airways and gained thanks and appreciation from global governments and airports.

Cardamom said “Qatar Airways owns a modern and modern fleet of aircraft that is diversified and efficient in fuel consumption, which contributed to enhancing the company’s activity and flying in the global skies, and the integrated and strategic planning also helped the carrier to resume its flights to new destinations or increase the number of its flights to current destinations. This is in line with the demand for travel, indicating that the Qatar Airways fleet of aircraft is distinguished by its high technologies and services consistent with the standards of the international aviation industry, as well as the integrated health strategy that Qatar Airways launches on the ground to make the travel experience safer and more secure, as the carrier takes many Among the measures to enhance safety measures on board its flights, with the provision of personal protection equipment for the guest crew, a bag of personal protection supplies and a face shield for travelers of all classes, which makes the experience of traveling on board an experience full of luxury, relaxation and luxury.

Al-Taweel: The tanker was able to fill the gap with international airlines

Mr. Saleh Al-Tawil, Director General of World Travel and Tourism said: “Qatar Airways, which is at the forefront of the global travel industry, has managed, through its qualitative and integrated operational plans, to fill the void left by international airlines that disrupted their flights to various destinations due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), stressing that Qatar Airways will continue to resume flights to all destinations within its network of operations, in addition to increasing the number of flights thanks to its diversified fleet of modern and modern aircraft, which has made it a major player in the international aviation industry.

Al-Taweel said: “Qatar Airways focuses its efforts on enabling millions of travelers to reach their countries in safety and reassurance, which ensures that they gain their confidence every time they choose to travel with them through Hamad International Airport, noting that Qatar Airways was able during this pandemic to provide an experience. Travel full of safety and security data through the activation of an integrated health plan based on updating safety procedures and measures on board aircraft to provide an unparalleled travel experience, stressing that the health measures followed by Qatar Airways are carried out according to the highest standards and the latest technology data such as suits for personal protection equipment for cabin crew While they are on board, in addition to a modified service that reduces interaction between passengers and the flight crew, as well as wearing masks, indicating that these measures have made the carrier the only airline in the world that can be relied upon.

Ismail: I maintained the supply chain of food and medical supplies

Bassem Ismail, Director General of Nasser Bin Khaled Travel and Tourism Agency, said: “Qatar Airways has been able to play an effective role in transporting millions of international travelers to their countries safely through regular flights, and these flights have been highly appreciated by governments. Qatar Airways has also maintained During the Corona period, the supply chain of food and medical supplies provided all the requirements of the local market through flights dedicated to transporting daily goods. All these great and tremendous efforts confirm the integrated operational plans undertaken by Qatar Airways and its large fleet that includes the latest aircraft.

Ismail said: “Qatar Airways has adopted a unique and ideal health strategy, starting from entering Hamad Airport and even inside the plane by strengthening safety measures on board its flights with the provision of personal protection equipment for the hospitality crew, a bag of personal protection supplies and a face shield for travelers of all classes, stressing that Qatar Airways will continue its operations by resuming its flights to more destinations, and it is expected to reach 125 destinations by the end of this year, which confirms the distinguished position that Qatar Airways enjoys in the world of global travel and air transport.

Ismail said: “Hamad International Airport was able to provide an outstanding product during the Corona pandemic, as it maintained the activation of a series of preventive and precautionary measures, including, for example, maintaining a safe distance of 1.5 meters across all travelers’ contact points and sterilizing all travelers ’contact points every 10. – 15 minutes and cleaning all gates and reception places, indicating that such exemplary measures have enhanced the travel experience through Hamad International Airport and through Qatar Airways, which continues to operate at a time when many international airlines have suspended their flights.

Sabri: Qatar Airways provides a healthy and safe travel experience

Ali Sabry, Director General of Milan Travel and Tourism Agency, said, “Qatar Airways is one of the companies that played an active and prominent role in transporting international travelers during the Corona pandemic, which negatively affected the business of all international airlines, indicating that the modern Qatar Airways fleet was able to fly in all The destinations, thanks to its modernity, high technology and diversity, indicating that the operational network of Qatar Airways will expand in the coming period, and the airline will resume its journey to many destinations, and the number of its flights will increase, Ali Sabry said.The health strategy pursued by Qatar Airways has contributed to providing a healthy travel experience by activating integrated health procedures through which it gained the confidence and credibility of global travelers, noting that the operational plans and the great efforts made by Qatar Airways during this pandemic made it the global airline that can be relied upon, explaining that The efforts of Qatar Airways have been praised and appreciated by global governments, international airports and travelers from all over the world.