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 Entry visa for the GCC Residents

This visa is given for residents of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) states and those accompanying them on arrival at any border of Qatar. The visa is valid for one month and can be extended for another three months.

Service available location: Borders Passports Office

Terms and requirements:

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The applicant for this visa should be in the following professions:

Trader, Businessman, Commercial broker, Auditor, Accountant, Manager( All kinds), Investor, Partner, Quality Supervisor, Marketing Executive, PRO, Sale Executive, Banker, Finance Services Officer, Pilot, Airhostess and Flight Crew, Flight Beacon, Ship Crew, Flight Technician, General Legal Advisor, Legal Professional, Lawyer, Doctor(All kinds), Psychologist, Specialist (any), Consultant (any), Pharmacist, Artist, Actor, Program Presenter, Journalist, Diplomat, University Professor, Special Needs Teacher, Computer Programmer, Program Designer, IT Analyst, Engineers (Any), Physicist, Chemist, Geologist and Agricultural Specialist.


  1. Visa issuance fee: QR 100 for the GCC resident and QR 50 for each accompanying person.
  2. Extension Fee: QR 100 for the GCC resident and QR 50 for EACH accompanying person.
  3. Fine for overstay: QR 200 per day.

List of approved professions for the residents of the GCC states
to enter Qatar on arrival visas