Camel racing in Qatar: Newer and better

We all would have rode a camel atleast once in our life time. But ever thought of racing a camel? Or being a spectator at a camel race?

Well, here’s the chance to experience a camel race while the Arabs of Qatar ride their lucky camel to win big money.

An all new season of Camel Racing started Monday at Qatar’s popular Al-Shahaniya camel racing track, towards the north of the capital city of Doha. The form and content of the show will be different from all the past seasons.

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The principal aim of the contest is to fulfill the admirations and aspirations of Qatari citizens as they have always valued Camel Races as a traditional sport. This time they are up for a bonanza as the prize monies and prizes for the local races have increased.

Camel racing is a centuries-old cultural tradition across the Arabian Peninsula. Professional Camel racing started in Qatar in the year 1972. The sport took a new turn when robots started riding camels in races.

Lately, camel races were banned in some parts of the GCC including UAE and Qatar as children were targeted to be jockeys for riding camels due to their light weight.

The ban on child trafficking was imposed by the former Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in the year 2005 and robotic jockeys were allowed for the same from the year 2007.

And, now for the good news! All the camel racing fans out there will be able to witness the live broadcast as well as previews of the races on four giant screens from the comfort of their vehicles.


Source: Qatar Living