About Issue Return Permit of Qatar for Resident

Sponsored residents who have lost and replaced their passports outside Qatar or exceeded the legal period abroad (6 months) are required to issue a return permit when coming back to the country. Applicants are required to submit a letter from their sponsors. This service is available for Qataris, residents, companies and organizations holding smart ID cards.

Online Instructions

    • Visit MOI online website and enter the ID number (that consists of 11 digits).
    • Select Issue “Return Visa” from “Visa Services”
    • Choose the reason why you apply for the return permit (lost passport, exceeded 6 months).
    • Pay appropriate fees and print the receipt.

Offline Instructions

    • Submit the official letter from your sponsor.
    • Attach a copy of the Establishment ID if you’re sponsored by a company; or the sponsor’s ID if you’re on a personal sponsorship.
    • Attach a copy of your old passport, along with an official lost passport certificate from the country of issuance.
    • Pay appropriate fees.

Additional Information

You can issue return permit for resident through Metrash2.


A fee of QR 200 applies for each permit. An additional QR50 applies for each registered dependent or companion.

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