Work and Residence Permits in Qatar

You will need to arrange for the employee’s work and residence permits within seven working days of the employee’s arrival in Qatar.

Before these applications can be submitted, your employee will have to take a medical test at one of the hospitals approved by the Government (Click here to see a list of the hospitals) and bring the following to the hospital:

  • Passport (copy)
  • Employment visa (copy)
  • Four passport-sized photographs
  • The appropriate fee

If your employee passes the medical test, a medical certificate will be issued.

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The information that is required to be submitted in an application for a work permit and a residence permit is shown in the table below. The application for a work permit should be made to the Ministry of Labour. An application for the residence permit can also be made online. Click here to access. A residence permit can be issued for one, two or three years.


Employment Visa1 Work Permit1 Residence Permit
Completed application form Submit approval letter from the MOL2 Available from MOL2 Typed in Arabic and English
Employment contract Yes
Medical certificate Yes, copy Yes, original
Commercial registration of the business Yes, copy Yes, copy Yes, copy
Immigration card of the business Yes, copy and original Yes, copy Yes, copy
2 passport sized photos of the employee Yes Yes
Employee’s passport Yes, copy Yes, copy Yes, original
Employment visa Yes, copy Yes, original
Sponsor’s passport (if sponsor is an individual) Yes, copy
Fee (QR) 200 1,200 per year


1- If the employee had previously been employed in Qatar and has not left the country for at least two years since the employment ended, a letter of consent from the previous employer is also required.

2- Ministry of Labour.

Residence Permits in Qatar


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