Have you been to Souq Waqif in Doha?

Back where I come from, there’s no such thing as a “souq”. Of course we have the “Sunday market”, the “flee market”, the “shop at the junction” but not a souq.

I went to see what this souq is all about and why this place stands out from all the other places in Qatar.

Souq Waqif is one of the most visited souqs in Qatar. Roughly translated as the “standing souq”, it can be always found busy and bustling.

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However, there had been a time when the marketplace was almost demolished. The Souq had been a place for the Bedouins and the locals to trade goods and livestock. As time went on, the tiny alleyways had fallen into despair and plans were made to pull it down.

Yet someone realized its high tourism value and by 2008 the Souq was completely renovated to resemble the traditional Qatar architecture complete with tiny mud kiosks.

One very enjoyable thing about Souq Waqif is the fact that one could try different kinds of cuisines while gazing at the milling crowd and by being surrounded by some beautiful architecture. Of course, the shisha lounges are an additional attraction for those who are into it.

Out of the many quaint products that are for sale at the Souq Waqif, the interesting souvenirs, the magic lipstick that, no matter what colour you buy, will always be red when you apply it, the embroidered traditional clothes sold by Bedouin women, the metal and pottery handcrafts are some of the highlights.

The souq also houses a special pet section including an area for falcon handling and an art center.

Hence, it has been a place often frequented by locals, expats and tourists with the same amount of interest and curiosity. And of course, it can definitely be considered as one of the finest souqs in Qatar.


Source: Qatar Living