Qatar is not only the home for Karak and Majbous, but it also houses some beautiful, awe inspiring buildings.

Given below is a list of some beautiful constructions that we’ve come across in Qatar.

1- Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)

Museum of Islamic Art

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If you’ve not been to this place yet, you should go there very soon. This museum is far from the dusty, old place that the name might have triggered in your imagination.

Designed by the world famous I.M.Pei, the MIA is nestled on the blue green sea with an astounding view and an equally astounding interior.

Shiny marbled floor, winding staircase, well lit tunnel like corridors that take you deep into the exhibit areas and glass bridges that connect one part of the building to the other are all there at the MIA.

2- The Katara Mosque

The Katara Mosque

This mosque is one of the most beautiful masjids in Qatar. Period. It’s a must visit place, whether you’re a Muslim or not.

With a triangular patio jutting out from the main building and the exterior walls tiled with intricate blue tiles and beautifully carved wooden work, this mosque is truly a masterpiece.

The interior of the masjid is so beautiful. The huge chandeliers, the roof work and the pillars are unexplainable.

3- Al Fanar Islamic cultural center


Located close to the Doha Corniche, this mosque is a famous landmark in Doha. The most unique feature of this mosque would be the twisting, spiral shape of the Minaret.

This is the largest mosque in Qatar and has attracted many notable people like Yusuf Estes, Bilal Philips etc.

The mosque itself is simple yet the interior is so calm and peaceful. The Minaret rises confidently amidst the other surrounding constructions. No stay in Qatar will be complete without a visist to Al-Fanar.

4- The Grand Mosque/ The State Mosque

The Grand Mosque-The State Mosque

This masjid was built in the first half of the 20th century and is one of the largest masjids in Qatar.

The special feature of this Masjid is its large domes, open outdoor spaces and the Minaret.

5- The Pigeon Towers

The Pigeon Towers

Located in the cultural village, Katara, Pigeon Towers is one of the most photographed buildings in Qatar.

The Towers were built in between 2006 and 2007 and consist of all environmental friendly materials like clay, bricks and wood.

The towers are punctuated with holes in such decorative manner that visitors find it very intriguing.

6- The Golden Mosque

Located in Katara, this relatively small mosque is completely covered in gold tiles. Even the Minaret of this mosque is golden.

The interior of the mosque is tastefully decorated with plush carpets and simple chandeliers.

7- Al Wakrah Museum

Currently closed for refurbishment, this museum is housed within an ancient fort. The beauty of this museum is the ancient antiquity and the fort which is so well preserved. We only hope that the old uniqueness of the museum remains once the refurbishment is done.

8- Aspire Tower

Good Evening Qatar -Torch
This building is 300 ft tall tower which was completed in November 2007. Another landmark of Doha, this tower consists of a 360° revolving restaurant.

When the tower is all lit up in the night, it’s indeed a spectacular sight to see.

9- Burj Qatar

Burj QatarThis office tower is another beautiful building in Qatar. Designed by the French architect, Jean Nouvel, this tower stands at about 700 ft tall.

A very unique feature about this cylindrical tower is the ancient Islamic buildings that it has in its façade.

10- Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport Finally, the airport that has been ranked amidst the ten beautiful airports in the world. HIA is definitely modern, beautiful and sleek.

With an equally unique masjid located in its grounds, the airport is another pride of the country.

Remarkable buildings coming up in the country:

# The Qatar National Museum

Currently under construction, this museum will definitely be another eye catching piece in Qatar. Designed by architect Jean Nouvel, it’s scheduled to open in 2016.

# Lusial Iconic Stadium

While most of us can’t wait till the FIFA matches start in Qatar, Another thing to look forward to will be this iconic stadium that will be opened in time for the FIFA World Cup. Like everything else in Qatar, this too will be very grand.