London-uk is one of the world’s leading tourism destinations

London’s second city welcomes tourists and travelers for work purposes. Whether drawn by business or as tourists, London’s visitors from New York are the ones that travel the furthest and spend the most.

Quick Info

Country: United Kingdom
Total Area: 1,572.00 km2
Population: 8,308,369
Local Language: English
Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)
Time Zone: GMT (UTC), Summer (DST) , BST (UTC+1)
Major Airport: London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
Major Airlines: British Airways, British Midland, Air Transat, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air India, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines


From history to culture, and art to architecture, Europe’s capital city London is rich and vibrant in every aspect. Originally the land of Blue Blooded Britishers, today’s London is a vivacious world city where people from diverse regions of the globe can be seen and who call this city their Homeland.

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Though English is the native language, London’s linguistic landscape is shaped by over 300 langues, which clearly shows the city’s diversity. This linguistic variety also made its impact on culinary culture, clothing style, art and architecture of the city. Originally founded by the Romans, the city of London standing on the Thames River has its unforgettable contribution in the field of world literature. With its royal history, great diversity, unparalleled green space, ever-busy lifestyle and always welcoming city culture, travelers often fall head over heals for London.