When the bleeding wife shouted for help, the husband got furious and shot three bullets into her.

The Ras Al Khaimah Criminal Court has ordered an Emirati man, in his 40s, to serve 15 years in jail for shooting his wife dead with his pistol over family disputes.

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As per court records, the case dates back to July 2016 when the couple started a heated argument while alone at home.

The husband then withdrew a pistol he had in his pocket and shot his wife, who is also in her 40s, in her shoulder while she was trying to stop him.

The shocked, terrified and bleeding wife shouted for help, but that made her husband even more furious, and he shot three bullets into several parts of her body.

The police, alerted of the gunshots, rushed to the site where the killer husband, identified only as R.M., surrendered immediately and willingly to the officers who appeared in his house.

The victim was rushed to the Saqr Hospital for treatment and medical care. Having bled excessively, and due to her critical condition, she was admitted to the intensive care unit.


Unfortunately, she could not survive the serious injuries she received, and died two weeks later.

The killer husband was referred to the RAK public prosecution which charged him with murdering his wife.

The case was moved to the RAK Criminal Court which, presided over by Chief Judge Sameh Shaker, sentenced him to 15 years in prison, and to pay the due diya or blood-money to the heirs of his wife.

The Police had earlier launched several campaigns to develop public awareness against ill-use of weapons, be they white or arms, licensed or not.

“We have mainly targeted wedding ceremonies where some people were unintentionally killed and injured due to illegal use of weapons,” a police source told Khaleej Times.

Cold weapons have also been used in hand-to-hand combat in violation of law, he added. “We have started these campaigns four years back, and do the same on an annual basis to alert the public about such dangerous items.”

Using gunfire to celebrate any occasion, particularly weddings, has led to tragic accidents in many areas across the country, he underlined. “Some of the victims were even away from the wedding ceremonies, and hence such misbehavior is strictly banned here.”

Warning, he said stringent penalties would be enforced upon anyone who uses such weapons without being licensed. “Celebrating weddings or any occasion with gunfire draws jail term even.”