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US media reported that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries are expected to sign an agreement, today, Tuesday, that ends the crisis. This came after Kuwait announced that it had been agreed to reopen the land and sea borders between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as of Monday evening, on the eve of a Gulf summit in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. Reuters quoted a senior official in the administration of US President Donald Trump as saying that an agreement will be signed to end the Gulf crisis. “We have achieved a breakthrough in the dispute between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council,” added the official, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity. “It is really a huge breakthrough. The blockade will be lifted. This will allow travel between countries as well as transportation of goods. It will lead to more stability in the region,” the official said. Reuters reported that a US delegation headed by Jared Kushner, Trump’s chief adviser, went to Saudi Arabia to attend the signing of the agreement.
A US State Department official said that resolving the Gulf dispute is in the interest of the GCC countries and the United States.
Observers had told “Al-Jazeera Net” earlier that they expect that the situation is heading towards a breakthrough. It is noteworthy that, over the past few days, Saudi-Qatari communications have continued with Kuwaiti mediation, and the date of the summit has been postponed from last December to this January, to give more time for mediation efforts.
The US news site Axios said, on Monday evening, that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries are expected to sign an agreement today, Tuesday, that would end the Gulf crisis.
“The agreement is a step in the right direction and includes positive developments,” the American website quoted a senior diplomat from a Gulf country as saying.