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The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has published detailed information about the most prominent Israeli Air Force bases that have targeted it with missiles since the start of the aggression on the Gaza Strip, in addition to their coordinates.

According to Al-Jazeera Net, this information came as follows:

1. Belmachim base: It is designated for testing and launching satellites. It also has a 166 squadron, 40 km from Gaza.

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2. The Tal Nof base: It has two squadrons for F15 planes, two squadrons for Al-Jasour planes, and an air defense base, at a distance of 50 km.

3. Hatzor Base: It contains training equipment on the F15 and F16 planes, and it has 101 and 105 squadrons, and it is 30 km away.

4. Hatzerim Base: It has 3 squadrons of F15 and F16 planes, which are the squadrons (107, 69 and 102), at a distance of 25 km.

5. Nafatim Base: It contains F35 and 116 aircraft squadrons, and is 50 km away.

6. Ramon Base: It contains 3 squadrons of warplanes, at a distance of 60 km.

It is worth noting that since April 13, the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories has exploded as a result of the brutal attacks of the Israeli occupation forces and settlers in occupied Jerusalem, especially the right of worshipers and those stationed in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings, and in solidarity with the families of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, whom the occupation authorities seek to displace Forcibly removed from their homes in favor of the settlers.