The Ministry of Interior (MoI) conducted a study, 64% of whose participants said that they believed that mobile radars have helped in curbing the speeding menace and reduced the number of road traffic accidents in the country.

The introduction of the mobile traffic cameras has made roads safer as people have become more aware about traffic regulations and speed limits.

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Today these speed cameras are located on Airforce St., Al Khor Costal road, Salwa road, University St., Dukhan – Al Shahaniya road, Religious Complex , Shamal highway, Al Wakra road  (Thursday, April 20) .

The cameras are capable of catching speeding drivers, motorists wrongly overtaking from the right side, driving without seat belts and using phones while driving.

The MoI also tweeted out to invite suggestions from residents regarding any new locations where they think mobile radars should be installed to monitor the traffic violations.

Responsible citizen follow the traffic regulations not only for their own good but also for the greater benefit of the society.

الرادارات المتحركة بالطرق المختلفة ليوم الخميس يرجى من قائدي المركبات الالتزام بالسرعات المحددة