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The French-speaking “bourse direct” website has published a report revealing that Qatar Airways has begun modernizing its fleet of Boeing “B787-8” aircraft, in partnership with the M Before Group, which will manage this transformation through Thales ‘multimedia solutions, as part of Qatar Airways’ focus on providing An innovative and unique travel experience, stressing that these actions will not affect the operation of this type of aircraft, by planning to carry out all required modifications without disrupting the flight of the concerned carriers and completing them as soon as possible, indicating that this development process on the Boeing B787 aircraft 8- It is the second, after the first, which the company did a while ago

The report added that as part of its keenness to improve the quality of travel on its aircraft, Qatar Airways, in its partnership with BEFOR, will rely on an update program to adapt the existing systems by integrating new servers, seat screens, and equipment infrastructure, in a manner that will increase the quality of the chair position adjustment keys in a manner that It enables passengers to take a complete rest during their transfer from Hamad International Airport towards other airports located on various continents of the world, declaring that the most important thing Qatar Airways seeks at this stage is to provide this type of aircraft with high-resolution and clear touch screens, to double its brightness For more than three times, if compared to what it was in the past, which will allow access through it to 16 million colors for display, pointing out that the business seats in Boeing B787-8 aircraft will be supported by smart screens 12- 17 inches, which will confirm the status of airlines Qatar Airways is among the largest global airlines, especiallyAffiliated in the 5-star category at the Skytrack level.