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Mr. Youssef Al-Shaibani revealed the details of the official launch of the first Qatari channel for the Holy Quran, which bears the name Doha Al-Quran, coinciding with the beginning of the new year.

Mr. Youssef Al-Shaibani, the channel’s director, said in exclusive statements to Al-Sharq that the channel is non-profit and its annual cost is 1.5 million riyals, which is sponsored by one of the charities who took the initiative without hesitation to approve the channel project when it was presented to it.

Mr. Al-Shaibani explained that the channel has been working for a month on the Nilesat satellite for a month on echo (H10727) as a test broadcast until now .. While it is officially launched at the beginning of January, and that it will go through stages that begin with presenting rare recitations to the sheikhs of readers, and it will also be a gateway to discover voices New to reading the Quran.

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From the “Al Sharq site” platform, Al-Shaibani announced the opening of the door to anyone who had the ability to complete a conclusion of the rules of intonation and a sweet voice to work on the channel, even if the reader has one seal, as the door is open to all age groups and all nationalities, and the door is open to all.


Mr. Al-Shaibani confirmed that the recordings will be exclusive from within the channel’s studio as 90% of readers are new, and their readings are recorded in our studios with high technology, and it is one of the top 10 studios in the Arab world, pointing out: “We have Qatari and non-Qatari readers, equivalent to more than 30 Readers, they are increasing because the channel works 24 hours. “

The director of Doha Al-Qur’an channel also revealed to Al-Sharq that there are 9 Qatari readers working in the channel, explaining that the channel’s advantage is highlighted by introducing young readers, and by the provisions of intonation and with the highest technology. Globalism.

Stages of launch

Regarding the official launch of the channel, Al-Shaibani explained that the channel is launched in two stages … the first at the level of the entire Arab world and officially launched at the beginning of January, with an application on the iPhone and Android, and full platforms on social media … As for the second phase, “We estimate it about a year, the channel will be launched.” On the “Hot Bird” satellite to be broadcast in Europe and all over the world.

Five languages

Mr. Al-Shaibani pointed out that upon launching the channel on Hot Bird, the channel will be in five languages: English, Filipino, Ethiopian, French and Spanish, and it is subject to modification.

He also indicated that he did not expect this great interaction to receive the channel, pointing out that the channel does not have any programs and broadcasts the Qur’an over 24 hours, and said that we are trying to be different from the existing Qur’an channels.

Application on mobile

Mr. Al-Shaibani also revealed that it will be an application for the channel on iPhone and Android devices bearing the name of the channel, and with a direct broadcast site in addition to accounts for the channel on all social media sites, and communication has been made with the company I want to make the channel among the company’s packages, which is a clear response from them and that will be done In the next few days.

Naming the channel

The director of Doha Al-Qur’an channel pointed out that the reason for calling the channel “Doha of the Qur’an” is that one of the employees designed its logo with this name and everyone agreed to it and was pleased with it. As for the logo, it was inspired by Qatar, which is a design that is a lighthouse of the Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Mosque and the Qur’an in the color of Annabi. This is the design.

Objective and challenges

As for the purpose of launching the channel, Al-Shaibani said that this is for the sake of God and spreading the words of God Almighty, and the idea came from the events related to the offensive cartoons of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. And upon him be peace, pointing out that the channel did not find any difficulty in launching the channel, and everyone who worked for the channel did not get any return, for the sake of God Almighty.

And “We thank God, and the supporter of this channel and take care of it, and I ask God to help us in this journey, and I did not expect it to take off quickly. Between the first meeting and the start of the channel for two months, if you ask me how this happened, I say to you I do not know but it is the facilities of God Almighty.”

And Mr. Al-Shaibani added that whoever wants to make a complete seal in the reward for his parents or whoever loves, the channel takes care of this and explains to him how much it costs, and the seal will be broadcast on the channel.

touching stories

Mr. Al-Shaibani concluded his conversation with the East with a touching story about the benefits of the Noble Qur’an that happened with him, saying: “Until we have a Editor in the company, who is the top of morals and literature, he married 3 years and does not have children because of medical problems. I spoke with him to work for free temporarily and he accepted to work 3 months ago. And, from a period of two weeks, his wife became pregnant .. and when she found out, I cried, and it is one of the touching stories that I do not forget in my life. “