“World of Fashion”

The word Fashion Latin for facere’, means “to make”.
Fabulous Fashion became more commercial for Designer in the 1800’s to 1920’s. Women wore bell shaped hats. Jewelry accentuated the body. Grecian dresses high waist and defined. Silhouettes were meticulously designed and incorporated.
Design structures were extensive of high priority for this decade. Dresses were fitted and constructed with firmer fabrics. I think a Designer in this era really had their work set out for them.

Extensive work was done on padded dress and hems decorated and made firm. Emphasis was not only on bosom also on the neckline. Interesting during the day the neckline dresses were worn high. And in the evening they were low for defined fullness. I assume a very romantic for some.
Sleeves were extended sort of winged out. The waistline accentuated for a wider and fitted look. Dresses needed several petticoats. Beneath the skirt fabric was a shell almost like a cage to accentuate the construction of design.

1840’s – 1850’s Gothic era cool with no more petticoats. Dresses were line wilted with drooping ringlets, dragging skirts. Granny boots high and form fitted to appeal to the back drop of the fabric. Lots of trimmings and pleats were administered on dresses.
1850’s-1860’s Radical changed in fashion for these two decades. Cage or crinoline skirt was popular and the plethora of the under garment. A new revolution indeed the hoop was universal for women and their chores they felt free from heavy slips.

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1860’s- 1870’s this era began the first bustle and the oval skirt with the bertha collar. Imagine it would be 30 years before the skirt were worn and unhindered. The Bodice waist was popular structured and fitted to design construction.
As new fashion developed soft high draped fabrics were the emphasis as well as the neckline. Followed by décolleté made with pleaded fabrics and braided trimmings. Light weight Lace, Taffeta, silks and wools blended.

1890’s -1900’s the end of the era now the new trend was on Sleeves and cuffs. Popular design was on the bustle it was constructed sturdier and structured. Emphasis focused on the bosom and waist. Velvets, satin and wool colors were darker.
The hourglass was the new look it revived by the waistline the sleeve was called balloon a few name given. Designed in proportions,the Victorian era 1900’s construction was close to the body. Slim fit to the hip pleaded and conformed to the waist.

1920’s -1930’s Euphoria of fashion roaring 20’s an elegant classy era for Women. As dresses became unfit some gowns retained construction and complexity. The trend was above the ankle as well as the high heeled shoes. The bell hat was very popular along with a new era for women in entertainment.
To be continued.

1900 century designers produced the first version of the hour glass silhouette. Wow women were probably quite happier.


Author: Elena Cretella
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Research is credited to Vintage Fashion