The Problems of Obesity, Obesity is problematic overweight caused by excessive accumulation of fat. It is a serious problem that can have serious ramifications in the long run. Recently, it has become a worrying issue due to numerous public health problems.

Obese people encounter social stigmatization, negative stereotypes and discrimination in society. They are endangered to many life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, cancer, heart disorders, etc. Additionally, the World Health Organization reveals that the greatest epidemic in the 21st century is obesity.

In this essay, I will discuss several bad effects that cause obesity. Thus, there are three main causes of obesity involved in eating unhealthy foods, neglecting physical activities and following wrong practices.

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First and foremost, obesity is caused as a result of eating unhealthy foods. There are plenty of unhealthy food items which people think are healthy. A very good example is fast food and food additives. The former is like hot pies, burgers, chips, pasties, donuts, pizza, etc. The latter is like flavored yoghurt, flavored milk, flavored ketchup, flavored beverages, etc. People are tempted to eat fast foods because they have no time to wait for fresh foods. They also crave for food additives because of its flavor and delicious taste. In addition, frozen foods and some snacks fall under unhealthy foods which are the best friend of obesity. Therefore, if we believe in avoiding such types of foods is not the problem; then, eating unhealthy foods is will not be the solution. In fact, fast food is typically low in nutrition and high in sodium, calories, saturated fat and trans fat that lead to fatness.

Moreover, it is found that neglecting physical activities gives rise to obesity. Many people neglect aerobics, and are lazy to do different types of physical activities in their life, such as walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, etc. Because of ignoring aerobics and the state of laziness, fats are heaped up in the body with the course of time.

Consequently, the body gains weight and brings about fatness. For this reason, people need to be taught the significance of these physical activities, and that ignoring them would lead to overweight and obesity.

Furthermore, obesity is caused as a consequence of following wrong practices. For instance, obesity results when people regularly take in imbalanced diet, immoderate calories and excessive sleep. For this reason, the body stores these undue calories as body fat, and over time the extra pounds add up.

Nowadays, some people go for a serious diet or toe the line of unhealthy foods that affect the metabolism which ends up with fatness. Therefore, they endanger themselves to obesity by following their own prescriptions and false instructions. So, metabolism affects the body as a result of following wrong practices in life.

In summary, obesity is merely caused by consuming too many calories, lack of physical exercises, unbalanced diet, flavored drinks etc. In this regard, Lee Haney recommends that “exercise is one of the best ways in preventing the rapid growth of obesity”. Besides, we should bear in mind that “rich, fatty foods are like destiny: they too, shape our ends”. Meanwhile, unbalanced diet leads to the illness of obesity. In short, this essay demonstrates several factors that cause obesity, such as eating unhealthy foods, neglecting physical activities and following wrong practices.