MoI guides motorists on how to use Metrash2 to register minor accidents

Doha – The general Directorate of Traffic at the Ministry of Interior has released a number of guidelines to help people register minor accidents through Metrash2 mobile application.

According to the directorate, in case of minor accidents involving two vehicles, the parties involved can report the accident through Metrash2 mobile app service instead of going to traffic investigation services.

To register the accident and get the approval for vehicle repair, the parties involved should follow these steps:

  • Take not more than 4 photos of each vehicle with some of them showing number plates.
  • Move the vehicles from the accident site and park away from the road.
  • Ensure that location service of your mobile is enabled.
  • Sign in to Metrash2 and select ‘Traffic Services’ and open ‘Accident Report’ option.
  • Enter details of both vehicles (Vehicle number, QID number and mobile number).
  • Attach photos of both vehicles and click on your agreement on validity of the data.
  • Submit the report for traffic investigation.
  • A notification SMS (text message) will be sent to you asking to wait for another message to complete the procedures.
  • After reviewing the accident photos by traffic investigators, text messages will be sent to both parties with instruction to go to insurance company or approval for vehicle repair.


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