13 Aug 2018 – 0:35

QNCECS educates students about Qatar at summer camps

The children attend the summer camp by QNCECS.

The Peninsula

DOHA: Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science (QNCECS) has helped educate students about Qatar at summer camps.

The move came within the framework of the participation of the QNCECS in the activities and events of the summer camps organised by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, said a statement.

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The activities were attended by a large number of students from each of the three educational levels (primary, preparatory and secondary). The Commission participated in a debate entitled “My Qatari Identity” presented by Mariam Yassin Al Hammadi at 10 summer camps.

At the end of the event the students were given tasks to prepare art or cultural activity like drawing, writing a story, and other artistic work, reflecting the concept of Qatari identity. These works will be presented at the end of each summer camps.

A seminar entitled “Pros and Cons of Social Media” was presented by Faisal Al Marzouqi at two summer camps at Khalifa Secondary School for Boys and Hassan Bin Thabit Secondary School for Boys.

Faisal explained the positive aspect of the means of social communication, which is to achieve many achievements and cultural, economic and educational services to the human.

A debate entitled “Drawings on the Siege and the Enhancement of National Love” was held at Al Khor Secondary School for Girls. A brief presentation was made about the State of Qatar with a short film called “Dari Qatar” and competitions were conducted by listing some questions related to the State of Qatar.