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German police have arrested a man suspected of committing murder and cannibalism, after the bones of a victim were found in a park north of the German capital Berlin.

Forensic experts concluded that the bones belonged to the body of a forty-four-year-old man who had been missing two months ago.

And German media reported that police dogs led the police to the apartment in which the man resides in Berlin, last Thursday, near the site where the bones of the victim were found, according to the Guardian newspaper.

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These reports put him as a 41-year-old math teacher.

“The suspect was interested in eating cannibals. He searched the Internet for this matter,” the British newspaper quoted Martin Steltener, a spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor’s office, as saying.

Some pedestrians were wandering around the park in Buch when they found the bones on November 8th.

A policeman told the Berlin daily BZ that one of those bones was “completely devoid of flesh”, and that there are other indications that “make us strongly suspect that Stefan T was a victim of a cannibal.”

The German news agency reported that the suspect in the commission of the crime, whose name was only known by Stefan R, had visited “relevant online chat rooms.”

While one of the investigators told the German newspaper “Balad” that the officers who were searching the suspect’s house found a medical bone saw in the basement of his house, along with materials to dissolve human tissue, and a large refrigerator was found in the basement, but it was empty.

The accused did not comment on these accusations, according to the newspaper.