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Muhammad Hassan Al-Obaidli, Assistant Undersecretary for Labor Affairs at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs explained the categories of employment targeted by the decision to re-receive foreign recruitment applications.

He said in an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), today that “the current state policy aims to attract specialized skilled workers, and therefore it is the most important group targeted by this decision, which we aim to encourage their recruitment and try to reduce the recruitment of unskilled workers as the contribution of the specialized and skilled category Of employment has a positive impact on developing productivity and contributing to the development of the private sector in the country according to the required and targeted standards.

He stressed that the ministry does not impose on the employer certain nationalities, explaining that the employer has the right to submit the application according to the nationality he desires, and it will be considered according to the available relative quotas and the required number, and the employer can enter the ministry’s system to know the relative shares by nationality and according to the number that He requests it and thus is entitled to obtain the required nationality according to the numbers and specific requirements.

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Regarding the extent of the importance of resuming receiving requests for external recruitment of workers during this period, Al-Obaidly noted that the State of Qatar is on the verge of large projects, which required the resumption of recruitment requests within the framework of the gradual lifting of the closure procedures worldwide due to the Corona pandemic, which will benefit all Government and private entities and sectors.

He added, “The ministry works first to study companies’ requests to find out their actual need for workers and to ensure their compliance with the labor law, especially the wage protection system and adequate housing for workers to be recruited.”

He said that the decision to open recruitment came in line with the state’s policy in confronting the Coronavirus by organizing entry and exit to Qatar, as there is coordination with the Ministry of Health and with the Ministry of Interior, and the decision to resume recruitment, which includes all sectors, is subject to the priorities, conditions, controls and mechanisms determined by the ministry and based on The essential need, as the decision was made to re-receive recruitment applications to reduce pressure on the labor market and meet the needs and requirements of the development process.

Regarding the mechanism by which equal opportunities are guaranteed among all parties in the decision to reopen the reception of applications, Al-Obaidli explained that the decision aims to achieve the required balance in the labor market with companies and entities’ need for employment in light of the progress of completed projects in the country, as new decisions will contribute to expanding Prospects for competition in the labor market in the State of Qatar, which provides the opportunity for employers to attract the best skills, which will contribute to the efforts to transform Qatar’s economy into a diversified economy, as the state will provide more economic opportunities for employers and workers alike.

He stressed that as long as there are specific standards for everyone, this law will achieve the principle of equal opportunities and will enhance the capabilities of companies and owners of small and medium enterprises to compete more effectively in the labor market.