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Amr Abdel Rahman

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The final outcome of the “Lebanon in Our Hearts” campaign to collect donations to the Lebanese people as a result of the explosion of the Beirut port and the destruction of thousands of homes and hospitals reached more than 94 million Qatari riyals. He delayed helping their brothers in Lebanon, while the campaign continues to collect donations through the websites and applications of charitable societies and the Qatar Red Crescent.

His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, donated the day before yesterday an amount of 50 million Qatari riyals in favor of the campaign “Lebanon in our hearts” launched today by the Charitable Activities Regulatory Authority in cooperation with the Qatar Charity and the Qatar Red Crescent.
The donations collected on the first day of the “Lebanon in Our Hearts” campaign on Qatar TV amounted to 65 million 244 thousand riyals.

The campaign aims to collect what the Qatari community provides to its Lebanese brothers, and turn it into relief materials covering the areas of urgent relief, health, shelter, food security, other non-food items, and reconstruction.
The State of Qatar had sent 5 aircrafts, under the direction of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, which left within an air bridge heading to Rafic Hariri International Airport carrying aid and medical supplies, and two field hospitals fully equipped with a capacity of 500 beds each and equipped with respirators And the necessary medical equipment and supplies needed to treat the injured in the explosion. “

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* The Red Crescent
, Engineer Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Malki, Executive Director of the Qatar Red Crescent and Director of the Relief and International Development Sector at the agency, said that the Red Crescent allocated a budget of 50 million riyals to implement the first phase of its program to help the Lebanese people after the disaster of the Beirut port explosion and the displacement of thousands of families and families. Food and medical supplies, stressing that the people of benevolence and charity in Qatar, their contributions will be extremely important to help the needy in Lebanon now, and they are in dire need of that aid, and he
explained that the Qatar Red Crescent sent relief and medical aid the day before yesterday to the Lebanese capital Beirut, as part of its humanitarian campaign Lebanon is in our hearts, to show solidarity with the families of those killed and affected by the disaster of the Beirut port explosion, which took place last Tuesday.
The shipment, which arrived in Beirut on board a plane belonging to the Qatari Emiri Air Force, included large quantities of relief and medical aid, as the first stage of the “Lebanon in Our Hearts” humanitarian campaign, implemented by the Qatar Red Crescent with the aim of providing assistance in the fields of health, accommodation and food, to be followed by Successive batches of aid to alleviate those affected by the humanitarian crisis and support the efforts of the Lebanese National Assembly.
He explained that the intervention plan that the Red Crescent intends to implement in Lebanon is divided into several stages, represented in the urgent response, in which urgent foodstuffs will be provided, temporary housing for the affected families, and the strengthening of health facilities for the benefit of 55,000 beneficiaries .. and the medium-term response, in which it will receive 25 A thousand people have monthly food needs and cash assistance for families, in addition to repairing damaged homes .. Then recovery and capacity building, and this stage includes raising the efficiency of health services, building medical capacities, and raising awareness for 300 thousand people.

* Qatar Charity, for
his part, Mr. Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, Assistant CEO of the Governance and Institutional Development Sector in Qatar Charity, affirmed that standing with our brothers in Lebanon is a right and a duty, and Lebanon is the largest country hosting refugees compared to the number of inhabitants, and a country that lives in these difficult conditions and carries out this assistance, it must be We stand by him in times of distress and crisis.
He explained that Qatar Charity has received many generous donations as part of the campaign from several parties, and that Qatar Charity, in cooperation with Qatar Airways, Talabat and Monoprix, will send a cargo plane loaded with foodstuffs to Lebanon.
He added that after the catastrophic explosion, there are more than 25 hospitals operating at partial capacity, and 5 hospitals completely out of service, so Qatar Charity will focus on urgent medical aid and medical tools to treat the injured.
He pointed out that Qatar Charity will be in the field with all its capabilities to provide aid and assistance, whether it is medical and food, or providing shelter to those who have lost their homes and extending aid to all the Lebanese people to get out of this disaster. He called on charitable people to interact and contribute to the relief of the brothers in Lebanon.
He continued: “From the beginning of the disaster, we contacted the field team and communicated with partners to conduct a field assessment and survey, and we found that there are 300,000 families who have been displaced from their homes, and thousands of families live in schools and sports clubs, and the issue of restoration is a priority, as is medical support and hospital support. As well as food baskets and medical bags. ” He added, “We stand on the needs, and we are keen to ensure that the aid reaches the people who need it.”

* Believers are brothers
in turn. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sada said that the stance taken by the people of Qatar towards the afflicted in Lebanon confirms the extent of interdependence and brotherhood that unite the two countries, in line with the words of the Almighty: (The believers are brothers), pointing out that the huge amount that was collected Through donations, it is nothing but new proof of the humanity of Qatar and its people, declaring their full solidarity with the vulnerable women and children in Beirut.
His Eminence praised the stance taken by the Qatari leadership and the Qatari people regarding the Lebanon disaster, the origin of which was the initiative of His Highness, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, saying: What the people of Qatar did in collecting donations to help their people in Lebanon, Embodies His Almighty saying: (And this is your nation is one nation).

He described the scene of Qataris rushing to donate to the relief of their families in Lebanon as a scene that bears a great deal of chivalry, citing the hadith of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, in which he says: And fever), referring to the bonds of interconnectedness between the Qatari and Lebanese peoples, in creed, religion and Arabism, pointing out that the people of Beirut are expecting from us more than that, and that the campaign “Lebanon is in our hearts” is the least that we can offer to help our brothers and our people in Aleppo and other Syrian cities.
* Unlimited support
And went in the same direction, Sheikh Dr. Thabet Al-Qahtani said: It was not surprising for the people of Qatar to take such a noble position, which confirms beyond any doubt that it is the Kaaba of the oppressed, and that it is always proactive in supporting the oppressed and standing by the weak, explaining that the State of Qatar, despite its small geographical area, is large With its positions, especially on issues related to Muslims in the east and west of the earth, and he stated that the amount collected through donations is nothing but new proof of the humanity of Qatar and its people, and his virtue considered that the campaign “Lebanon in our hearts” is a historical campaign, and history will record it for generations Coming.
He stressed that this campaign confirms the solidarity and unlimited support on the part of Qatar, the government and the people of Lebanon, after the disaster that befell them with the explosion of the port and the displacement of more than 300 thousand families within a few seconds, and the great participation in the campaign confirms that the people of Qatar are not saving any precious nor Precious to support his brothers in Lebanon.

* Ongoing charity
In the same context, His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Muwafi Azab called on the masses of Muslims in Qatar and outside Qatar to donate to their brothers in Lebanon, after what happened to them from a disaster that caused in a few moments the destruction of 300 thousand homes, and many hospitals, and thousands of families found themselves homeless Thousands of wounded have no medical treatment.
His Eminence added that what happened in Lebanon from the disaster of the port explosion requires us to take a real and sincere stand, and with fear for the escape of these people from the horrors of what they were exposed to. He explained that the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The most beloved of people is the most beneficial to people,” and it is a call for a Muslim to be a aid to his Muslim brother and to everyone in need, so it is our duty to participate in this campaign that aims to improve the conditions of the Lebanese people and relieve them and their suffering.
He continued: “Our duty towards our brothers in Lebanon is the duty of brotherhood, and the Noble Qur’an expressed it in the words of the Almighty:“ So if they repent and perform the prayers and pay zakat, then your brothers and sisters are related to religion and the separation of religion. ” And the symbiotic aspect, which is zakat and alms.