Ooredoo has reminded its customers to be alert against ongoing scams plaguing the industry, and offered advice on actions to take if fraud is suspected.
In a statement yesterday, the company said “modern-day fraudsters employ ever-more inventive and sophisticated methods of attempting to steal information, and scams can often appear entirely legitimate”.
Customers have reported receiving SMSes, WhatsApp messages, e-mails and phone calls purporting to be from the operator, usually requesting personal information for a variety of potentially plausible purposes – from confirming accounts to claiming prizes, the statement points out.
To avoid doubt, Ooredoo confirmed that “no personal details would ever be requested from customers via a phone calls, SMS or emails”, and advised that its WhatsApp account is only responsive, and so it will never initiate any contact.
Ooredoo urged customers to refrain from sharing any personal information if requested by any of these media. Any communication purporting to be from Ooredoo about which a customer has doubts should be reported immediately by calling 111, via the operator’s verified WhatsApp on 4414 4414, or using the Live Chat feature.
Manar Khalifa al-Muraiki, director of PR and Corporate Communication at Ooredoo, said: “Protecting our customers and their data, and ensuring they stay safe, is of paramount importance to us at Ooredoo and we are absolutely committed to combating any and every attempt by fraudsters to steal data.
“We’re constantly researching new scam techniques to ensure we stay abreast of what’s happening in the world of cybersecurity, and we encourage our customers to report any communications about which they have any suspicions whatsoever. We’re always ready and waiting to investigate fraud attempts and help customers protect themselves and their data.”
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