Report: Petrol prices in Qatar among most affordable in the world

High salaries and low petrol prices means that a trip to pumps in Qatar takes a smaller bite out of motorists’ wallets than nearly anywhere else in the world, according to a recently released survey.

Fuel prices in Qatar are heavily subsidized by the government, with retail prices frozen at QR1 (US$0.27) for a liter of “super” and QR0.85 ($0.23) for a liter of “premium” petrol. That’s among the lowest prices on the planet and puts Qatar more or less in the middle of GCC countries. Petrol is cheaper than in the UAE, where it costs the equivalent of approximately $0.47 per liter, but more expensive than the $0.16 paid by motorists in Saudi Arabia.

But when compared to average salary of Qatar residents, local petrol prices are the most affordable among 19 countries surveyed by the vehicle sales website Carmudi.
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Boegh / Flickr