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Russian President Vladimir Putin broke his silence about the US presidential elections that took place on the third of November, and resulted in the victory of Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden over his Republican rival (current President) Donald Trump.

Putin linked the order to congratulate the US president-elect with the completion of the legal procedures for identifying him, stressing Moscow’s willingness to work with any president the Americans choose, according to Russia Today.

Putin said during his participation in a program on “Russia 1” TV: “I want to assure you: There are no hidden reasons behind this in the sense that we prefer one candidate over the other, no … we are only waiting for the end of the internal political confrontation” in the United States. .

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He added that the discussion revolves around “purely formal procedures”, which must be completed according to the practices followed according to the requirements of the law, and that there is no hidden motive here and nothing unusual or that could form a basis for the further deterioration of relations between us. “

Reuters indicated that Putin declined to comment at a time when President Trump is taking legal measures in an attempt to reverse his loss to Biden, adding that the name of the winner must be announced, either by the rival party that should acknowledge the loss or after confirming the final results in a legitimate and legal way.

This comes after the Kremlin said in the past that it would not comment on the election result until after the official results were released, according to Reuters.

Biden, according to the results announced by the major American media, outperformed Trump by 6 million votes, and he also garnered 306 votes in the electoral college, which is more than the number set for victory (270), compared to 232 for Trump.

Since Biden was declared winning two weeks ago, Trump has filed a flurry of lawsuits and lobbied massively to prevent states from certifying election results.

In order to stay in office, Trump will somehow need to reverse election results in at least 3 large states, which has not happened in US history.

Despite losing a new lawsuit in Pennsylvania, Trump today showed no sign of abandoning his continuous efforts to cancel the presidential election result, writing on Twitter: “Fight hard, Republicans,” confirming his unfounded account of election fraud.

So far, his attempts in the courts to thwart the certification process have failed in Georgia, Michigan and Arizona.

Federal Judge Matthew Bran, a Republican nominated by former President Barack Obama, on Saturday rejected a Trump campaign lawsuit aimed at disqualifying millions of votes cast by mail in Pennsylvania.

The judge who issued the ruling described the case as “baseless legal arguments and accusations based on speculation.”

Some of Trump’s Republican comrades in Congress began to shake off around him, although he is still receiving support from many of them, especially prominent members.

Republican Senator Pat Tommy said the ruling “exhausted all possible legal options” for Trump in Pennsylvania and called on the president to “accept the election result.” Tommy Biden and Vice President-elect Kamla also congratulated Harris, describing them as “dedicated government employees.”

For Trump to have any hope of remaining in the White House, he must overcome Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania of 81,000 votes. The state, which Trump won in 2016, is due to begin certifying results on Monday.

Trump’s attorneys pledged to challenge the outcome immediately, but lawyers arguing against him in court say he has no time to do so.

“This should drive a nail in the coffin for any other attempts by President Trump to use the federal courts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 elections,” said Christine Clark, chair of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights.

A recount in Georgia confirmed Biden’s victory there, and officials confirmed the result on Friday. The Trump campaign said late on Saturday it would request a recount again.

And in Wisconsin, election officials have criticized Trump campaign volunteers for slowing down a partial recount that is unlikely to change the reality of Biden’s victory. Trump also won in Wisconsin in 2016.

With recounts and judicial appeals failing to achieve his goals, Trump is now pressing the Republican-led state legislatures to dismiss the results and declare him the winner.

“We hope the courts and / or legislatures … have the courage to do what needs to be done to preserve the integrity of our elections and the United States itself,” Trump wrote on Twitter after the Pennsylvania ruling.

Election officials across the country say there is no evidence of major vote fraud, and the Trump administration itself has described the election as “the most secure in American history.”